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Welcome to the Balanced Annihilation repository and bug tracker

Click on 'New ticket' to submit a bug report!
Please supply comments on your commits, even if they are just minor bug fixes of a previous commit.
Development discussion takes place in #badev.
Thank you for all your help in not just keeping BA the most popular game, but also making it the best in all aspects!

To checkout, direct your SVN (TortioseSVN recommended for ease of use and great windows explorer integration) client to BA: or BAR:
Use the same username/password you used to log into Trac!



Unit progress chart:
Beta release progress:

wiki:Missions (instructions for opening)
ApprovedMaps (good looking maps approved for missions and map pack inclusion)

EditingObjModels (how to edit meshes and do minor texture tweaks to s3o models with little overhead in wings3d)


Engine Profiling: EngineProfiling


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