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BAR Todo List:

This is a small list of things that need to be done with BAR to make it complete. I will try to put people next to what is needed.


  • Units

o Remake Arm :D (Joint effort)

o Add trim color and tint (Done by VBS)

  • Interface

o Either use UI plus or Chili (Currently using UI Plus, VBS if interested)

o Add a custom font (Any one is good as long as its free and doesnt break stuff)

  • Sound

o Use Kanoba's sounds (Beherith should replace)

o Add music (Joint effort, mostly looking for industrial/ambient)

  • Engine:

o Use LOS with widget fog or ssmf fog (Beherith)

  • Wreck system

o redo the death explosions systems (Beherith)

o create nicer wrecks for kbots (Beherith)

  • Installer (Hobo Joe and Koshi)

o Skin for SL

o A selection of maps (approx 200-400 mb installer size)

o Proper gfx config settings based on GPU (Low-medium-high-ultra, with selectable resolution, optionally ATI/Intel detection)

  • Missions (Jazcash)

o Timed base defense

o Get units from A to B without base

o Build base and destroy enemy

  • Skirmish

o Select a working and reliable AI

o Bundle chickens, fix normal mapping for chickens (Beherith)

o Add Robot Defense (Nixtux)

o Use single player launcher or other available solution

o Implement zwzsg's savegame feature (Beherith)

  • Promo

o Make a trailer (Beherith and Bana)

o Polish the site (Zorro)

o Make armory (Petah or Zorro or Dansan)

  • Etc:

o Make nice loadscreens (Anyone with free time)

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