How to test missions:

1) Get the ZK mission editor from and install + update it (windows only).

2) Get the mission xml files from and open one of them using the mission editor.

3) Go to mission settings and set the path for etc/missions/mission_lua (it is not relative).

4) In the mission editor, click on the 'Mission' menu and then on 'Test Mission'. Each mission requires that your spring.exe can find (a) the version of BAR was being used when it was last edited (currently "Balanced Annihilation Reloaded $VERSION") and (b) the map the mission is played on.

Any bugs/comments/etc welcome - pm [Fx]Bluestone.

Some advice for devs making missions:

  • Missions must set WG.isMission==true before widget:GamePreload(). At the same time, they should set WG.missionName and WG.missionObjective. The function WG.NewMissionObjective(string) can be used to update the objective, if later required. They must disabled the spawn gadget and (unless there is a reason not to) use the modoption deathmode=killall.
  • To make a mission run outside of the editor: Use the editor to make a mutator (a .sdz file). Make the name of the .sdz file as same (+.sdz) as the mission name used in the editor. Place the .sdz file in spring/mods/. Look inside the .sdz file and take a copy of the script.txt file inside it - drag this script.txt over spring.exe to start the mission.
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