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Profiling the engine is actually not as hard as it looks, and one only needs the default built engine version and no other special tools.


Very Sleepy CS profiler (free, just google it) from /etc/engine_profiling SVN folder

A copy of the engine source (get the correct tag from github, just webdownload is sufficient) which reflects the version being debugged

Download and unzip next to script the debug symbols from (chose the right version!)

Python 2.x


Launch spring, get to the part you want to profile, then launch Very Sleepy, and select the threads you wish to profile (main thread of spring is sufficient)

When you are finished with collecting the samples, just save the myprofile.sleepy file from Very Sleepy next to your

Launch the translator with:

python -i myprofile.sleepy -s c:\temp\springsources\spring-master\ dont forget the trailing slash at the -s path to source option.

Open the myprofile_translated.sleepy file, and bask in the following glory:

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