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Here is a small list of maps approved for use:

(yes this list is biased towards my maps ~Beherith)

A level:

  • Altair Crossing v2
  • Colorado v1
  • Sacrifice v1
  • Tropical v2
  • Blindside v1
  • Industrial Revolution v1
  • Tabula v4
  • FolsomDamDeluxe
  • Talus
  • Tundra
  • Desert Triad

B level:

  • Koom Gorge/Koom Valley
  • Mescaline
  • Gehenna Rising
  • Rage v1
  • Ravaged v1
  • Mescaline v1
  • Altored Divide Remake v3
  • Apophis V2

C Level: (needing minor rework)

  • DSD
  • Magic Forest v1
  • Speedmetal (yes this is a valid map, and a lot of people, especially newbies like it)
  • All of smoth's maps.

D Level: (needing major rework)

  • Small supreme battlefield
  • Comet Catcher (rework almost done)
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