15:29 Ticket #971 (adv pl list idle detection doesn't check obvious things) created by Bluestone
e.g. my mouse is moving, or i'm typing, and it still greys out my name …
15:27 Ticket #970 (text on health bars is aligned badly) created by Bluestone


01:06 Ticket #950 (large vehs cannot exit armvp on some maps) closed by Bluestone
no change required
01:06 Ticket #969 (when wathcing a replay, long pause ingame before demo starts) created by Bluestone
see also …
01:04 Ticket #966 (ProjectileDestroyed widget side callin) closed by Bluestone


16:21 Ticket #967 (gadget game_energy_conversion error) closed by nixtux


14:28 Ticket #968 (Selection menu presents a large load each time a command is issued) created by beherith
With the profiling view active, it can be seen (and also felt) that …
00:13 Ticket #967 (gadget game_energy_conversion error) created by Floris
[f=0083066] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, UnitDamaged, …


20:35 Ticket #966 (ProjectileDestroyed widget side callin) created by beherith
ProjectileDestroyed is only called in gadgets, but I would like to add …


20:55 Ticket #965 (Units target "wrong" things with area attack) created by Decay
when you give "area attack" - then units have targets they cant shoot …


15:34 Ticket #963 (its possible to dgun up cliffs) closed by Floris
10:35 Ticket #964 (edge extension suffers tearing with cliffs) created by Bluestone
edge extension widget was removed
10:26 Ticket #963 (its possible to dgun up cliffs) created by Bluestone
(close if thats what was intended)
10:26 Ticket #962 (can't choose startpoint in singleplayer mode) created by Bluestone
Start single player game (from SL is fine), try to choose a …
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