20:42 Ticket #923 (don't load initial queue and faction change when not required) created by Bluestone
20:28 Ticket #918 (chilify replay buttons) closed by Bluestone


13:17 Ticket #922 (Use deferred lighting for com gate) created by Bluestone
13:05 Ticket #921 (awards gadget tries to use gui shader via WG - gadgets do not have ...) created by Bluestone
00:37 Ticket #920 (bug in start position selector) created by Decay
<YesThisIsDog> when having f11 menu open while choosing start …


19:54 Ticket #919 (chilify ally res) created by Bluestone
19:54 Ticket #918 (chilify replay buttons) created by Bluestone


22:15 Ticket #917 (little bug in unit_transportable_nanos.lua) created by Decay
lol I found a bug in luarules/gadgets/unit_transportable_nanos.lua …
20:29 Ticket #914 (migrate to git(hub) ?) closed by Bluestone
duplicate: #916
20:28 Ticket #916 (rapid support) created by Bluestone
abma: "RapidTools at some point will only support git and drop svn …
19:52 Ticket #915 ("passive builders" widget needs improvements) created by Decay
make labs + cons = active by default optionally: passive only when …
15:18 Ticket #914 (migrate to git(hub) ?) created by abma
ba is now the last project which does use svn. please migrate to git!
14:21 Ticket #913 (not possible to make start boxes in singleplayer mode -> can't control ...) created by Bluestone
probably better to have ingame config gui for chickens


16:03 Ticket #911 (sim city loadpictures) closed by Bluestone
14:05 Ticket #912 (links in email notifications don't work) created by abma
thats makes notifications quiet inefficient, when links are correct no …
13:36 Ticket #911 (sim city loadpictures) created by abma
please remove them, they are maybe funny but mostly confusing, and …


14:18 Ticket #910 (modularize chicken spawner) created by Bluestone
1500+ loc... Split out (1) failed chickens (2) disabling "normal" …


15:34 Ticket #909 ("passive builders" gadget needs some fixes) created by Decay
When you stall energy and have full metal, you wont build solar full …


23:13 Ticket #908 (LuaRules/Gadgets/gui_awards.lua"]:452: attempt to compare nil with number) closed by Floris
22:51 Ticket #908 (LuaRules/Gadgets/gui_awards.lua"]:452: attempt to compare nil with number) created by abma
[…] Balanced Annihilation V9.03
17:32 Ticket #907 (BAR stop command on the bottom button row) closed by Bluestone
fixed: done
12:35 Ticket #906 (old buildicons looked sharper) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Yep, all good.
12:05 Ticket #907 (BAR stop command on the bottom button row) created by beherith
I cant find the stop command on the bottom command bar, am I just …


19:26 Ticket #670 (widget to show which spec cursors/drawings are which) closed by Bluestone
18:37 Ticket #811 (add luaui reset buttons & similar from BA) closed by Bluestone
fixed: No need for a button, or the ability to turn user widgets on/off by …


22:53 Ticket #900 (query/aim weapon script errors) closed by nixtux
21:02 Ticket #792 (sInfo should contain more info about units) closed by Bluestone
14:18 Ticket #711 (some unit icons are blank) closed by Bluestone
14:12 Ticket #906 (old buildicons looked sharper) created by Bluestone
I'm not sure what the difference is - see screenshots.
14:03 Ticket #460 (Buildicons should be 256X256 sharpened DDS) closed by Bluestone
fixed: they are now
13:28 Ticket #905 (console window gets chat lines positions mangled on screen resize) created by Bluestone
fixes itself as soon as a new chat line is added, so probably a chili bug
12:35 Ticket #904 (test_notification) closed by Bluestone
fixed: #830
12:30 Ticket #830 ([bug tracker] email notification for changes on tickets / bug tracker) closed by abma
fixed: email notification seems to work now, thanks behe!
12:06 Ticket #676 (Unit description / unit name disparity) closed by Bluestone
fixed: might be details to clear up but this is basically fixed


12:35 Ticket #904 (test_notification) created by beherith
does it work?
11:58 Ticket #870 (Map info in top left) closed by Bluestone


20:33 Ticket #903 (everytime you shoot a nuke missile stockpile reset to 5) created by Decay
13:43 Ticket #873 (Chili) closed by Bluestone
no change required: fixed/wontfix/cantfix/nochangerequired
13:07 Ticket #874 (Change camera zoom maximum) closed by Bluestone
cantfix: I agree - but unless the engine starts to support this, it needs a …
13:04 Ticket #867 (Hotkeys should be displayed over the top of the tiles in the build menu) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Fixed for units in [3966], showing for commands is imo overkill, since …
10:34 Ticket #868 (Hotkey combinations for all units) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: I think this isn't feasible, there are almost 200 units in each …


13:20 Ticket #902 ([f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_game_type_info.lua ([string ...) created by Bluestone
12:36 Ticket #901 (rename armuwmmm and coruwmmm to armfmmm and corfmmm) closed by Bluestone
12:21 Ticket #869 (Command Icons) closed by Bluestone
no change required: The queue that is drawn when a unit is selected - its colours match …
12:20 Ticket #862 (Separate logging from chat) closed by Bluestone
duplicate: #344
12:15 Ticket #871 (Music information) closed by Bluestone
no change required: It's a widget, it can be turned on/off under the widget menu in the …
00:52 Ticket #901 (rename armuwmmm and coruwmmm to armfmmm and corfmmm) created by Bluestone
(+ associated files)


12:07 Ticket #803 (light flashes are too big) closed by Bluestone
fixed: (hot)fixed by [3906]
12:05 Ticket #897 (endless-loop with spring-headless in AddConsoleLine callin) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Oh - since its dependent on a config value reproducing could fail. …


10:25 Ticket #721 (Deferred rendering makes healthbars a bit more transparant) closed by Bluestone


23:07 Ticket #899 (one last QueryWeapon script error) closed by nixtux
22:19 Ticket #844 (add stats widget) closed by Bluestone
21:38 Ticket #900 (query/aim weapon script errors) created by Bluestone
21:27 Ticket #899 (one last QueryWeapon script error) created by Bluestone
[f=0000025] Warning: roost: weapon1: Neither AimFromWeapon nor …


17:27 Ticket #898 (when nuke is selected, anti dont fade) created by Decay
it is about anti range widget and it's circles


19:06 Ticket #897 (endless-loop with spring-headless in AddConsoleLine callin) created by abma
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