11:04 Changeset [3681] by Bluestone
addendum to [3674]
10:43 Ticket #872 (Command sounds played when issuing multiple at the same time) closed by Bluestone
cantfix: engine issue, the game has no control over this without fully …
10:39 Ticket #851 (redui doesn't handle screen resizes for some people) closed by Bluestone
cantfix: no response -> can't fix
10:33 Changeset [3680] by Bluestone
hot fix for #803
09:51 Ticket #808 (add buttor for /clearmapmarks somewhere) closed by Bluestone
09:51 Changeset [3679] by Bluestone
bind delete to clearmapmarks fixes #808
09:18 Changeset [3678] by Bluestone
fix queue not updating
09:06 Changeset [3677] by Bluestone
don't show specs header if there aren't any
08:56 Ticket #839 (replace all bos scripts with lua) closed by Bluestone
no change required: if anything, this is a project for the distant future
08:55 Ticket #859 (healthbars shader interferes with lups) closed by Bluestone
08:55 Changeset [3676] by Bluestone
fix #859
08:52 Changeset [3675] by Bluestone
fix merge conflict for widget profiler
08:38 Ticket #861 (make smenu handle re-selection spam) closed by Bluestone
08:38 Changeset [3674] by Bluestone
fix #681
08:26 Ticket #865 (Loadscreens) closed by Bluestone
fixed: The explosion sound is a placeholder.
08:26 Changeset [3673] by Bluestone
allow loadscreen to stretch (a little) fixes #685


10:11 Ticket #876 ([f=0000309] Error: could not find a parser for model "2x2a" (unknown ...) closed by Bluestone
10:11 Changeset [3672] by Bluestone
fix #876
10:06 Ticket #876 ([f=0000309] Error: could not find a parser for model "2x2a" (unknown ...) created by Bluestone
10:06 Changeset [3671] by Bluestone
clean up unitdef table formats remove collisionvolumetest=1
09:42 Changeset [3670] by Bluestone
fix merge conflict
09:41 Changeset [3669] by Bluestone
merge ba into bar


08:25 Changeset [3668] by Bluestone
more merge stuff
08:22 Changeset [3667] by Bluestone
remove empty customparams tables
08:15 Changeset [3666] by Bluestone
don't write blank customParams tables
07:38 Changeset [3665] by Bluestone
07:09 Changeset [3664] by Bluestone
another one
07:04 Changeset [3663] by Bluestone
something to do with merging, i have no idea


21:51 Ticket #875 (BAR website) created by Bluestone
created ticket for tzaeru to add info too
18:03 Ticket #864 (Hide essential widgets) closed by Bluestone
no change required: It's already possible to have a widget classified in a place that says …
17:57 Ticket #866 (Chat entry goes off its container) closed by Bluestone
duplicate: Duplicate of #785
13:24 Ticket #863 (Missing icons for some units) closed by Jazcash
13:20 Ticket #874 (Change camera zoom maximum) created by Jazcash
I think the camera should not be able to zoom in as far as it currently …
13:13 Ticket #873 (Chili) created by Jazcash
I'm not sure if I should be making Chili tickets here or not, but I'll …
13:01 Ticket #872 (Command sounds played when issuing multiple at the same time) created by Jazcash
For example, when a path is drawn with custom formations, the "move" …
12:57 Ticket #871 (Music information) created by Jazcash
Again, information added to the persistent GUI that is unnecessary imo. …
12:56 Ticket #870 (Map info in top left) created by Jazcash
This information is not important enough to warrant it being a persistent …
12:53 Ticket #869 (Command Icons) created by Jazcash
These icons are alright, and the Chili tooltips are invaluable for …
12:44 Ticket #868 (Hotkey combinations for all units) created by Jazcash
I think all units should be accessible via a series of hotkeys. For …
12:36 Ticket #867 (Hotkeys should be displayed over the top of the tiles in the build menu) created by Jazcash
Hotkeys set for units such as Z for mexes should be dynamically shown in …
12:31 Ticket #866 (Chat entry goes off its container) created by Jazcash
As seen in attached file.
12:11 Ticket #865 (Loadscreens) created by Jazcash
The loadscreens don't fit my resolution and have the black bars at top and …
12:09 Ticket #864 (Hide essential widgets) created by Jazcash
Some widgets I noticed are essential to BAR's functionality, such as …
12:05 Ticket #863 (Missing icons for some units) created by Jazcash
In the build menu, there appears to be some unit icons missing. In the …
12:00 Ticket #862 (Separate logging from chat) created by Jazcash
Similar to how Autohost messages were separated from player chat in some …
08:55 Ticket #861 (make smenu handle re-selection spam) created by Bluestone


21:58 Changeset [3662] by Bluestone
18:51 Changeset [3661] by Bluestone
add flip screen to keybind info
18:51 Changeset [3660] by BrainDamage
moved gadget that cancels selfd on stop order to an (optional) widget
18:51 Changeset [3659] by Bluestone
fix armamb col vol shiva doesn't need a dyn col vol
18:38 Changeset [3658] by BrainDamage
added widget to display aimpos for debugging pourposes
18:17 Ticket #857 (shader compile error in gui_healthbars.lua) closed by Bluestone
no change required: https://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=4740 was closed
18:01 Changeset [3657] by BrainDamage
fixed colvol gadget to be able to dynamically reload, fixed logic …
15:04 Ticket #860 (toaster can't be ressurected) closed by Bluestone
15:04 Changeset [3656] by Bluestone
fix #860 remove dead2 wrecks for cortoast, corvipe, armamb
14:44 Ticket #860 (toaster can't be ressurected) reopened by Bluestone
You are quite right, I guess this 3 state stuff was set up before …
14:39 Ticket #852 (Fix all costs after ...) closed by Bluestone
14:38 Changeset [3655] by Bluestone
fix #852
14:37 Changeset [3654] by Bluestone
revert [3646]
14:32 Changeset [3653] by Bluestone
clean up weapondefs_post and unitdefs_post weapondefs_post now contains …
14:07 Changeset [3652] by Bluestone
bake weapondefs_post into unitdefs
13:06 WikiStart edited by Bluestone
13:02 Changeset [3651] by Bluestone
reorganize etc/lua slightly
12:59 Changeset [3650] by Bluestone
add feature dump and dof to etc/lua
12:34 WikiStart edited by Bluestone
10:35 Changeset [3649] by abma
BAR: fix thunderairjet shader
10:27 Changeset [3648] by abma
fix thunderairjet shader


13:30 Changeset [3647] by Bluestone
++ docs
12:55 Changeset [3646] by Bluestone
remove surplus featuredefs
12:55 Ticket #860 (toaster can't be ressurected) closed by Bluestone
worksforme: Can't reproduce, demo?
12:31 Changeset [3645] by Bluestone
don't write new line at top of each unitdef
12:30 Changeset [3644] by Bluestone
convert all unitdef keys to lowercase
11:26 Changeset [3643] by Bluestone
bake unitdefs_post into unitdefs
11:17 Changeset [3642] by Bluestone
round numbers to prevent 0==0.00000000234876 rubbish
10:18 Changeset [3641] by Bluestone
nicer error msg
10:14 Changeset [3640] by Bluestone
add commented out functionality to save raw unitdef tables to a …
10:12 Changeset [3639] by Bluestone
add functionality to bake unitdefs_post into unitdefs to etc/lua
08:51 Changeset [3638] by Bluestone
add widget to print unit heights to etc/lua


12:30 Ticket #860 (toaster can't be ressurected) created by abma
it seems it can be only reclaimed…
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