20:49 Ticket #781 (Last line of chat is not shown if after gamestart you dont scroll on ...) reopened by Bluestone
still present but only affects some people


22:01 Ticket #812 (Shadows get disabled at startup or doing /luaui reload) created by Floris


06:07 Ticket #772 (tooltip sometimes doesnt update when over smenu) closed by Funkencool
fixed: Turns out it was basically a conflict between Spring's native tooltips …


11:36 Ticket #811 (add luaui reset buttons & similar from BA) created by Bluestone


10:35 Ticket #810 (add interface for mutelist) created by Bluestone
10:34 Ticket #809 ([3214] removed normal maps from cihckens) created by Bluestone


07:03 Ticket #808 (add buttor for /clearmapmarks somewhere) created by Floris
I think it would be really handy and friendly... Writing in console …


21:49 Ticket #807 (Spring restarter debug widget) created by beherith
I would like to bind a key to just restart Spring with the same …


19:01 Ticket #806 (nil error in passive builders gadget) closed by nixtux
fixed: Fixed Changeset [3252]


09:40 Ticket #806 (nil error in passive builders gadget) created by nixtux
nil error is new version of passive builders gadget Error: …


18:23 Ticket #805 (Replace Spring logo on pause screen widget) created by beherith
When we have a suitable one instead
18:10 Ticket #766 (armatlas tops are too light colored; excessive bloom.) closed by beherith
17:16 Ticket #804 (Chillify defense range UI - or move it into options menu) created by beherith
It is clicked so rarely that it is hard to justify the clutter and the …
15:34 Ticket #467 (LOS shader things TODO/notes) closed by beherith
09:06 Ticket #541 (Reverse angles in HitByWeapon() cob callins) closed by beherith


22:18 Ticket #800 (playerlist lua error) closed by Bluestone
22:01 Ticket #802 ([f=0076699] Error: could not find a parser for model "armshlt_dead" ...) closed by Bluestone
21:53 Ticket #799 (chicken progenitor lua error) closed by Bluestone
21:09 Ticket #803 (light flashes are too big) created by Bluestone
see screenshot, imo could reduce their size/falloff by a factor of 10-20
21:03 Ticket #802 ([f=0076699] Error: could not find a parser for model "armshlt_dead" ...) created by Bluestone
21:03 Ticket #801 (mexupg has no cursor, canceltarget has no icon) created by Bluestone
20:59 Ticket #800 (playerlist lua error) created by Bluestone
[f=0077501] [bawidgets.lua] Error: Error in PlayerChanged(): [string …
20:58 Ticket #799 (chicken progenitor lua error) created by Bluestone
[f=0074550] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, GameFrame, …
19:52 Ticket #756 (command buttons should have a fixed order and highlight curently selected) closed by Bluestone
18:47 Ticket #62 (roost asteroid visuals are not working as it should) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Ahh, ok. As far as I can tell it's correct now.
18:45 Ticket #798 (restore and stop commands are missing from UI) closed by Bluestone
14:08 Ticket #411 (remove dynamic map lights (Kloot's version) and replace with deferred) closed by beherith
fixed: re
09:57 Ticket #798 (restore and stop commands are missing from UI) created by Bluestone
restore has no cursor and is on ignore list stop doesn't need a …
09:53 Ticket #793 (set target command needs cursor in new style and should appear in sMenu) closed by Bluestone
00:28 Ticket #457 (merge chickens to ba:r) closed by Bluestone
fixed: all merged except for smart_nanos (which chickens has but ba/bar does …


01:38 Ticket #773 (commands fx nil error) closed by Bluestone


15:51 Ticket #563 (Hide all empty pieces in COB:Create()) closed by beherith
fixed: Engine does this already.
13:36 Ticket #797 (Code:blocks howto?) closed by Bluestone
fixed: we could put this onto our/spring wiki
12:03 Ticket #797 (Code:blocks howto?) created by beherith
Since spring compiles with mingw without a hitch, could you, Bluestone …


23:37 Ticket #796 (Map marks not visible) closed by Bluestone
23:20 Ticket #511 (Make all sea structures rock in the waves.) closed by beherith
fixed: AFAIK, they all do :) Thanks nixtux!
23:15 Ticket #554 (Trim color broken after 1600) closed by Bluestone
no change required
23:14 Ticket #523 (Reduce arm texture2 size and check if it still looks ok) closed by beherith
cantfix: It doesnt, teamcolor and reflections bleed :(
22:18 Ticket #796 (Map marks not visible) created by beherith
They can be placed, but they are not visible and placing them does not …
21:18 Ticket #682 (indicate which settings in optionmenu require a restart to be applied) closed by Bluestone
no change required: i think none of the ones in option menu need a restart (except …
17:10 Ticket #778 (Particle borders get visible (when unit blows up)) closed by beherith
16:18 Ticket #795 ([f=0001764] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, UnitTaken, ...) closed by Bluestone
16:12 Ticket #795 ([f=0001764] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, UnitTaken, ...) created by Bluestone
15:36 Ticket #769 (add take button to playerlist) closed by Bluestone
fixed: needs someone else to help me test, but it exists
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