19:19 Ticket #592 (BAR static lua gadget load doubles in latest engine-develop) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: did some work on this and i think it is OK! for me the effect is …
18:39 Ticket #660 (add global wg.opacity) created by Bluestone
in similar style to what the dgun limit visuals use, and apply to all …
18:38 Ticket #623 (commands fx bugs) closed by Bluestone
fixed: visual stuff seems fixed, there is #656 for rest
18:35 Ticket #659 (smart select selects units you didn't ask for and doesn't select ones ...) created by Bluestone
seems only to occur when the units that are meant to be selected are …
18:27 Ticket #658 (hide map info text when zoomed out too far to read it) created by Bluestone
18:26 Ticket #657 (two self destruct icons are displayed at once) created by Bluestone
the widget ones should hide the default ones (if thats not possible, …
18:22 Ticket #656 (commands fx eats too much fps) created by Bluestone
see screenshot uses more than whole of chili, when spectating a …
18:19 Ticket #655 (vertical lines on radar dots eats too much fps) created by Bluestone
see screenshot using 1/2 the perf of the whole of chili to draw lines …
18:16 Ticket #654 (lua error in healthbars) created by Bluestone
[f=0007848] [bawidgets.lua] Error: Error in Shutdown() [f=0007848] …
18:12 Ticket #653 (comblast_dgun_range displays nothing) created by Bluestone
(BA version works fine if dropped into BAR, tested with 97.0.1-20)
18:10 Ticket #652 (add indication of which are user/mod widgets to bar widget list) created by Bluestone
18:01 Ticket #651 (healthbars eats too much fps) created by Bluestone
see screenshot more expensive that the whole of chili
17:57 Ticket #650 (build_eta eats too much fps) created by Bluestone
see screenshot displaying 5 etas -> 1/4 the perf of entire chili
17:31 Ticket #649 (smart select means chili eats too much perf when dragging over 20+ units) created by Bluestone
Since the menus update dynamically as the selection changes, I guess …
17:20 Ticket #648 (enemy spotter eats too much fps) created by Bluestone
see screenshot, 2x as much perf eaten as the entire of chili
17:16 Ticket #646 (spectator names/chat are not coloured in console) closed by Bluestone
fixed: issue was regex not being able to handle names containing ]
16:30 Ticket #647 (enemy spotter makes units too shiny) created by Bluestone
see attached screenshot, tested with 97.0.1-20
09:43 Ticket #646 (spectator names/chat are not coloured in console) created by Bluestone


22:05 Ticket #551 (add indications for hall of fame + tourney winners) closed by Bluestone
21:02 Ticket #645 (replace CEGs &/ write lua replacement for defaultexplosiongenerator) created by Bluestone
12:52 Ticket #470 (write backup startpoint guessing routine based on map metal profile) closed by Bluestone
10:22 Ticket #644 (mex upgrader nil error) closed by Bluestone
10:01 Ticket #562 (widget to display player count + type of other hosts to specs) closed by Bluestone


08:07 Ticket #644 (mex upgrader nil error) created by Bluestone
[06:19:21] <[99]Gambit> [f=0033383] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error …


01:57 Ticket #622 (Add a flashing button to leave FPS view if FPS view is active) closed by Bluestone
fixed: fixed by [2543] disabled it completely because commands given via fps …
01:36 Ticket #616 (fancy unit spotter doesn't work with 96+) closed by Bluestone
duplicate: merged into #615


00:23 Ticket #559 (Chili Funk's Selection menu takes 30 mb lua-ram) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: I think this is not a problem (reopen if otherwise) - since its cached …
00:18 Ticket #509 (Widgets that dont fall into any category (wrong filename prefix) do no ...) closed by Bluestone


23:40 Ticket #634 (buildbar widget shows wrong pictures + eats fps) closed by Bluestone
invalid: bar contains an already chili-fied version of it - "Chili FactoryBar" …
20:10 Ticket #642 (add dummy use of Script.LuaUI calls, since engine can't handle them ...) closed by Bluestone


00:49 Ticket #643 (chickens gui hides comcounter) created by Bluestone


00:45 Ticket #641 (unit_spawner_defense uses Spring.GetGameSpeed) closed by Bluestone
fixed: "uses" was a rather strong word.
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