08:07 Ticket #644 (mex upgrader nil error) created by Bluestone
[06:19:21] <[99]Gambit> [f=0033383] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error …


01:57 Ticket #622 (Add a flashing button to leave FPS view if FPS view is active) closed by Bluestone
fixed: fixed by [2543] disabled it completely because commands given via fps …
01:36 Ticket #616 (fancy unit spotter doesn't work with 96+) closed by Bluestone
duplicate: merged into #615


00:23 Ticket #559 (Chili Funk's Selection menu takes 30 mb lua-ram) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: I think this is not a problem (reopen if otherwise) - since its cached …
00:18 Ticket #509 (Widgets that dont fall into any category (wrong filename prefix) do no ...) closed by Bluestone


23:40 Ticket #634 (buildbar widget shows wrong pictures + eats fps) closed by Bluestone
invalid: bar contains an already chili-fied version of it - "Chili FactoryBar" …
20:10 Ticket #642 (add dummy use of Script.LuaUI calls, since engine can't handle them ...) closed by Bluestone


00:49 Ticket #643 (chickens gui hides comcounter) created by Bluestone


00:45 Ticket #641 (unit_spawner_defense uses Spring.GetGameSpeed) closed by Bluestone
fixed: "uses" was a rather strong word.


03:30 Ticket #642 (add dummy use of Script.LuaUI calls, since engine can't handle them ...) created by Bluestone
if Script.LuaUI("MyFoobar") then Script.LuaUI.MyFoobar() end
03:26 Ticket #632 (resigning before the game starts) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: Can't reproduce what is claimed above, although oddly issueing …


13:18 Ticket #641 (unit_spawner_defense uses Spring.GetGameSpeed) created by Bluestone
in 97+ GetGameSpeed becomes part of unsynced read (because of server …
07:22 Ticket #640 (Thoughts about some unit models) created by Floris
The vulcan looks like a BA 1.5 unit, too bulky.Nothing compared to the …
05:19 Ticket #639 (chickens don't offer state/cmd buttons) created by Floris


14:54 Ticket #638 ([UnitScript] Error: Invalid piecenumber for emit-sfx (in ...) created by Bluestone
14:54 Ticket #637 ([f=0000021] Warning: CLuaRules::Cob2Lua() missing function: TargetCheck) created by Bluestone
14:52 Ticket #636 (short hang on first gameframe) created by Bluestone
always happens to me; at the moment of spawning there is a 1-3 second …
14:49 Ticket #635 (healthbars eats perf when not drawing any bars) created by Bluestone
only applies when below its cutoff height (above a certain height it …
14:34 Ticket #634 (buildbar widget shows wrong pictures + eats fps) created by Bluestone
it still shows the old ba unit icons didn't investigate why it …
06:54 Ticket #633 (gl.Unit() will stop render with lups fx in view) created by Floris
This is no problem in BA Having in view: Cloacking, jet-thrusters, …


14:11 Ticket #630 (Units can be closed/opened while emp'ed) closed by Bluestone
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