23:41 Ticket #603 (BAR - Gimp is borked) closed by nixtux
fixed: Fixed with [2332]
22:54 Ticket #604 (lua error from resizing in windowed mode) created by Bluestone
[21:51:44] <Shock_Wave> Error:LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, …
16:08 Ticket #603 (BAR - Gimp is borked) created by Floris
Cant fire, self-d emp's itself for 3712 secs and then. It's survived …
14:43 Ticket #602 (Icon-height keeps changing) created by Floris
Everytime I find myself changing it back in via springsettings.cfg, or …
14:26 Ticket #601 (Cant rotate buildings) closed by Bluestone
duplicate: duplicate of #585
01:13 Ticket #601 (Cant rotate buildings) created by Floris
Not possible with [ and ] Rotate labs by dragging works. but labs …


17:04 Ticket #600 (Footprints of various units are too small) created by Floris
Krow, T2 (arm?) veh lab T2 arm kbot lab T2 aircon (core + arm)
16:50 Ticket #599 (Some unit lights are a bit too much) created by Floris
Anni: A bit overdone. A few strips less would be great. Keep …
16:40 Ticket #598 (Mercury lights are overkill.) created by Floris
This unit doesnt need this its lights. At least not 'on' when its not …
00:55 Ticket #547 (Additional teams info for adv player list) closed by Bluestone


20:59 Ticket #596 (It's possible to be ready and not be shown green in the coloured list ...) closed by Bluestone
20:59 Ticket #597 (Often list of ready/unready players does not fit onto screen) closed by Bluestone
20:58 Ticket #597 (Often list of ready/unready players does not fit onto screen) created by Bluestone


20:34 Ticket #596 (It's possible to be ready and not be shown green in the coloured list ...) created by Bluestone
In fact this isn't a bug - it happens when: (1) Player places a …
01:51 Ticket #595 (chickens font is odd, characters too close together) created by Bluestone
in $VERSION but not in current release, no clue why
01:50 Ticket #594 (chickens modoptions need updating) created by Bluestone


16:25 Ticket #593 (arm medium mines don't expode) closed by nixtux
00:51 Ticket #593 (arm medium mines don't expode) created by Bluestone
bug report from player, didn't test yet


15:04 Ticket #592 (BAR static lua gadget load doubles in latest engine-develop) created by beherith
I compared 96.0 and 96.0.1-404 BAR /give all and in view with /luaui …


00:17 Ticket #575 (Get your priorities fixed) closed by Bluestone
00:17 Ticket #532 (FFA start point randomizer) closed by Bluestone
fixed: 'fixed' in a different way by [2246]
00:15 Ticket #557 (factory mode for units that build units) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: feel free to reopen if anyone has plans to implement this as far as i …


14:41 Ticket #577 (Some units (like maverick, hammer) lack muzzle flashes) closed by nixtux
fixed: If there are any more found please reopen


21:46 Ticket #580 (Fog Of War seems defective) closed by beherith
fixed: fixed for now
21:46 Ticket #591 (gui_chili_funks_console.lua StackPanel spikes CPU when there are many ...) created by beherith
If I have anything debugging that writes 1 line per frame to the …


23:44 Ticket #590 (mex upg again <3) closed by Bluestone
23:29 Ticket #586 (rez progress bars only show when zoomed far in) closed by Bluestone
15:47 Ticket #590 (mex upg again <3) created by Bluestone
[f=0027790] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, CommandFallback, …
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