23:55 Changeset [2236] by nixtux
BAR: Fix missing muzzle flare for armham
23:28 Changeset [2235] by nixtux
BAR: All sea structures now rock in the waves, Closes #511
22:29 Changeset [2234] by Funkencool
BAR - added a little more info to buildmenu tips (will add more)
22:27 Changeset [2233] by Funkencool
BAR- Tooltip only delays when mousing over units or features (plus …
16:21 Changeset [2232] by beherith
BAR: added war track


22:14 Changeset [2231] by beherith
BAR: gfx_tree_feller.lua ignore engine trees
21:46 Ticket #580 (Fog Of War seems defective) closed by beherith
fixed: fixed for now
21:46 Ticket #591 (gui_chili_funks_console.lua StackPanel spikes CPU when there are many ...) created by beherith
If I have anything debugging that writes 1 line per frame to the console …
21:38 Changeset [2230] by beherith
BAR: remove los shader if deferred rendering is not available
21:25 Changeset [2229] by beherith
BAR: fix feature healthbars so dying features dont have lingering 0% …
21:24 Changeset [2228] by beherith
BAR: tree feller fix
20:51 Changeset [2227] by beherith
BAR: added tree feller gadget


22:00 Changeset [2226] by FireStorm
BAR: updated Marauder and Vanguard


22:59 Changeset [2225] by FireStorm
BAR: Improved Pelican and Zipper (I might want to do some changes after …


20:17 Changeset [2224] by Bluestone
more death msgs (thanks PJY!)
16:34 Changeset [2223] by beherith
BAR: added arm panther


23:46 Changeset [2222] by Bluestone
fix typo?!?
22:09 Changeset [2221] by FireStorm
BAR: Alternative Panther. Zeus weapon movement (and made a tiny change for …


23:48 Changeset [2220] by beherith
ETC: added Kaiser's marauder1_kaiser.3DS untextured and missing turrets …
23:46 Changeset [2219] by beherith
BAR: added armfark
09:57 Changeset [2218] by beherith
BAR: added armmark radar kbot


21:46 Changeset [2217] by Bluestone
16:25 Changeset [2216] by FireStorm
BAR: ARM Vanguard WIP. Think it needs more detail for its size, but i …


23:50 Changeset [2215] by Bluestone
make 'upgrade mex' button look nicer
23:44 Ticket #590 (mex upg again <3) closed by Bluestone
23:44 Changeset [2214] by Bluestone
fix mex upg nil error
23:34 Changeset [2213] by Bluestone
clearer comment
23:29 Ticket #586 (rez progress bars only show when zoomed far in) closed by Bluestone
23:21 Changeset [2212] by Bluestone
second part of [2211], should be fixed now
23:01 Changeset [2211] by Bluestone
try to fix death messages sometimes appearing twice (this bizarre bug was …
16:29 Changeset [2210] by Bluestone
fix T2 scout planes acceleration
16:00 Changeset [2209] by Funkencool
BAR - enable lockcamera.lua by default to avoid error
15:47 Ticket #590 (mex upg again <3) created by Bluestone
[f=0027790] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn?: error = 2, CommandFallback?, …
15:31 Changeset [2208] by Funkencool
change default skin back to 'Flat'
14:32 Changeset [2207] by beherith
BAR: Core toaster script fix (thanks nixtux!)
14:29 Changeset [2206] by beherith
BAR: annihilator script fix
14:28 Changeset [2205] by beherith
BAR: mercury.s3o piecename fix
14:28 Changeset [2204] by beherith
BAR: Added arm serpent battle sub
10:12 Changeset [2203] by beherith
MAPS: added dsd remake sd7 file
01:13 Changeset [2202] by Bluestone
dgun limiter changes colour to match spectated player
00:36 Changeset [2201] by Bluestone
fix com counter point marking


23:06 Changeset [2200] by Bluestone
22:53 Changeset [2199] by Bluestone
fix lua error
22:05 Changeset [2198] by Bluestone
21:58 Changeset [2197] by Bluestone
fix miniscule memory leak
21:54 Changeset [2196] by Bluestone
com counter can place markers again
21:45 Changeset [2195] by Bluestone
0.5 chance of crashing aircraft
21:13 Changeset [2194] by Bluestone
fix lua error in com counter
21:00 Changeset [2193] by Bluestone
other half of [2192]
21:00 Changeset [2192] by Bluestone
increase T2 bomber e cost and build time
20:52 Changeset [2191] by Bluestone
emp spiders are stealthy, slightly increased health
20:40 Ticket #587 (Sniper OPness) closed by Bluestone
20:38 Changeset [2190] by Bluestone
increased sniper e/m cost & buildtime to match
12:24 Changeset [2189] by beherith
BAR: added arm archangel


22:14 Changeset [2188] by Bluestone
fix allyteams not dying


21:51 Changeset [2187] by beherith
BAR: fix lups.lua crash for 96+
12:13 Ticket #589 (Chili build menu needs cost and name in tooltip.) created by beherith
Currently only the description of a unit is displayed on mouseover of the …
12:09 Ticket #588 (Chilli UI oddness - default ui looks) created by beherith
Im not sure that my UI looks the way Funkencool intends it to look. …
00:58 Changeset [2186] by Bluestone
death msgs


22:43 Changeset [2185] by FireStorm
BAR: ARM Fido wip


18:18 Changeset [2184] by FireStorm
BAR: ARM_Sniper_wip
13:44 Ticket #587 (Sniper OPness) created by beherith
Snipers are a tad too good at the moment, but their role is excellent, and …


14:10 ScreenShots edited by beherith
14:08 screen00323.jpg attached to ScreenShots by beherith
14:07 screen00315.jpg attached to ScreenShots by beherith
14:03 ScreenShots created by beherith
14:00 WikiStart edited by beherith
01:24 Ticket #586 (rez progress bars only show when zoomed far in) created by Bluestone


19:36 Ticket #568 (kill crashing aircraft if they go too high/outside of map) closed by Bluestone
19:34 Ticket #549 (playernames can be too long for awards gadget) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: won't fix; see #565
13:15 Changeset [2183] by Bluestone
tidy name of armageddon mode gadget
13:11 Changeset [2182] by Bluestone
remove no longer used progressive mining gadget
12:56 Ticket #525 (gpu memleak on viewresize in distortionFBO) closed by Bluestone
fixed: iirc this was an engine bug that is now fixed
12:47 Ticket #471 (comcounter is miscounting) closed by Bluestone
12:41 Changeset [2181] by Bluestone
Remade Com Counter added modoption mo_enemycomcount, which supplies each …
10:57 Changeset [2180] by Bluestone
more death msgs
10:56 Changeset [2179] by Bluestone
fix typo


02:29 Changeset [2178] by Bluestone
remove mo_no_owner on game end
02:18 Ticket #585 (smenu makes some keys stop working) created by Bluestone
b,n,[,] to change build spacing + rotation


21:09 Changeset [2177] by Bluestone
remove no longer needed compatibility hack
15:43 Changeset [2176] by beherith
BAR: hide gui_select_trim_color.lua because trimcolor doesnt work atm and …
15:38 Ticket #553 (units vanish on /luarules disable) closed by beherith
fixed: fixed in [2175]
15:37 Changeset [2175] by beherith
BAR: fix units being invisible after /luarules disable
15:26 Ticket #55 (BAR - Toaster (heavy plasma cannon (T2 guardian)) animation bug) closed by beherith
fixed: Fixed by nixtux
15:23 Ticket #542 (Animate tank treads for all tanks) closed by beherith
fixed: Fixed a while ago
15:22 Ticket #464 (Stockpile missiles not available in Chili) closed by beherith
fixed: Fixed by Funkencool
15:21 Ticket #455 (Cant share units to enemy teams - even with cheats on) closed by beherith
fixed: Seems to work fine now
01:58 Changeset [2174] by Bluestone
delete start point remover gadget (it did nothing)
01:52 Changeset [2173] by Bluestone
remove outdated info .txt about death modes
01:52 Changeset [2172] by Bluestone
rename areaattack.lua
01:50 Changeset [2171] by Bluestone
rename teamcomends.lua
01:49 Changeset [2170] by Bluestone
correct error in comment in initial_spawn
01:45 Changeset [2169] by Bluestone
extra piece of description for armageddon mode
01:43 Changeset [2168] by Bluestone
modoptions for [2167]
01:42 Changeset [2167] by Bluestone
remove Com Is Control game end mode merged team game end modes and ally …


22:05 Changeset [2166] by Bluestone
death messages


19:28 Ticket #552 (no music) closed by Bluestone
19:00 Changeset [2165] by Bluestone
fix height check for mouseover in funks_console
11:12 Changeset [2164] by Funkencool
A little bit more clean up on the console (it's lookin pretty darn good)
10:46 Ticket #583 (information in buildconfig.lua could be autogenerated) closed by Funkencool
10:44 Changeset [2163] by Funkencool
Forgot an echo
10:37 Changeset [2162] by Funkencool
BAR - Be gone build menu config
10:26 Changeset [2161] by Funkencool
BAR - Detect unit categories dynamically
06:43 Changeset [2160] by Funkencool
BAR - cleaned up old and unused lua files (mostly from zk's chili before I …


17:00 Ticket #528 (Reduce the number of table creations to make less garbage) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: I think that garbage collection is now not an issue worth attention (since …
16:55 Ticket #489 (startscreen with the text box doesn't deliver) closed by Bluestone
invalid: I have no idea what this is about! Don't see any such textbox... reopen …
16:54 Ticket #485 (Chili tooltip health bars flash when a unit construction is complete and ...) closed by Bluestone
fixed: probably fixed by the chili upgrade, can't reproduce now
16:16 Ticket #584 (can't tell cloakble arm fus icon from normal arm fus icon) created by Bluestone
/give armacv look at its build menu - first two pics are the same
16:12 Changeset [2159] by Bluestone
autoquit doesn't make 'cancelled' message
15:56 Changeset [2158] by Bluestone
clean funks_console a bit
15:47 Changeset [2157] by Bluestone
don't let funcks_console hide itself if mouse is hovering over the console
15:11 Changeset [2156] by Bluestone
show funks_console if ctrl is pressed while mouse hovers over the input …
14:50 Ticket #582 (console ignore (filters out unwanted engine stuff) is missing) closed by Bluestone
14:49 Changeset [2155] by Bluestone
hide user quit messages after game over in funks_console
14:43 Changeset [2154] by Bluestone
move unit info text slightly away from window border in smenu
14:31 Ticket #583 (information in buildconfig.lua could be autogenerated) created by Bluestone
at the moment (I think) buildconfig.lua contains duplicated info - all …
08:13 Ticket #581 (some commands are missing icons) closed by Funkencool
08:00 Changeset [2153] by Funkencool
Redid icons, added color config to configs/BuildMenu.lua


00:03 Changeset [2152] by Bluestone
workaround for luarules frame <2 wierdness


20:53 Changeset [2151] by Funkencool
BAR - got it back in there
20:11 Ticket #582 (console ignore (filters out unwanted engine stuff) is missing) created by Bluestone
removed (accidentally?) as part of [2150]
19:55 Changeset [2150] by Funkencool
BAR - added outline to chat font, among other fixes and changes


23:50 Changeset [2149] by Bluestone
[2148] again (?!)
23:35 Changeset [2148] by Bluestone
fix typo
22:11 Changeset [2147] by Bluestone
no longer needed
19:53 Changeset [2146] by FireStorm
BAR: ArchAngel? Textured


07:52 Changeset [2145] by Funkencool
BAR - I guess I needed that r
07:20 Changeset [2144] by Funkencool
BAR - added credits
07:20 Contributors edited by Funkencool
Added the rest of the music credits (diff)
07:14 Changeset [2143] by Funkencool
BAR - Some big changes I've had piling up for a little while (merged with …


22:48 Ticket #576 (Credits page) closed by Bluestone
fixed: http://imolarpg.dyndns.org/trac/balatest/wiki/Contributors
22:47 Contributors created by Bluestone
22:44 WikiStart edited by Bluestone
22:43 WikiStart edited by Bluestone
20:24 Ticket #578 (Units move too slow when in the shallows) closed by Bluestone
20:23 Changeset [2142] by Bluestone
add depthmod values for non-ship/hover movedefs that didn't already have …
15:10 Changeset [2141] by Bluestone
move fps indicator slightly leftwards in funsks_optionMenu (3 digit fps …
15:08 Changeset [2140] by Bluestone
increase width of funks_console
14:54 Ticket #581 (some commands are missing icons) created by Bluestone
the coloured icons at the bottom of the screen are blank for: …
14:49 Changeset [2139] by Bluestone
fit "unit types" text in funks_sinfo onto a single line
14:47 Changeset [2138] by Bluestone
fix text position in funks_sinfo to match new borders
14:41 Ticket #394 (BAR: text in chat console is missing colour) closed by Bluestone
14:40 Changeset [2137] by Bluestone
added text colouring from red_console to funks_console i tidied the redui …
10:44 Ticket #569 (lua error in buildbar) closed by Bluestone
00:12 Changeset [2136] by Bluestone
fix typo
00:04 Ticket #521 (extend limit dgun to handle games without startboxes) closed by Bluestone
00:03 Changeset [2135] by Bluestone
add new dgun limit mode based on startpoints (-> if on, can't dgun with …
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