17:00 Ticket #528 (Reduce the number of table creations to make less garbage) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: I think that garbage collection is now not an issue worth attention …
16:55 Ticket #489 (startscreen with the text box doesn't deliver) closed by Bluestone
invalid: I have no idea what this is about! Don't see any such textbox... …
16:54 Ticket #485 (Chili tooltip health bars flash when a unit construction is complete ...) closed by Bluestone
fixed: probably fixed by the chili upgrade, can't reproduce now
16:16 Ticket #584 (can't tell cloakble arm fus icon from normal arm fus icon) created by Bluestone
/give armacv look at its build menu - first two pics are the same
14:50 Ticket #582 (console ignore (filters out unwanted engine stuff) is missing) closed by Bluestone
14:31 Ticket #583 (information in buildconfig.lua could be autogenerated) created by Bluestone
at the moment (I think) buildconfig.lua contains duplicated info - …
08:13 Ticket #581 (some commands are missing icons) closed by Funkencool


20:11 Ticket #582 (console ignore (filters out unwanted engine stuff) is missing) created by Bluestone
removed (accidentally?) as part of [2150]


07:20 Contributors edited by Funkencool
Added the rest of the music credits (diff)


22:48 Ticket #576 (Credits page) closed by Bluestone
fixed: http://imolarpg.dyndns.org/trac/balatest/wiki/Contributors
22:47 Contributors created by Bluestone
22:44 WikiStart edited by Bluestone
22:43 WikiStart edited by Bluestone
20:24 Ticket #578 (Units move too slow when in the shallows) closed by Bluestone
14:54 Ticket #581 (some commands are missing icons) created by Bluestone
the coloured icons at the bottom of the screen are blank for: …
14:41 Ticket #394 (BAR: text in chat console is missing colour) closed by Bluestone
10:44 Ticket #569 (lua error in buildbar) closed by Bluestone
00:04 Ticket #521 (extend limit dgun to handle games without startboxes) closed by Bluestone


04:15 Ticket #504 (gui_chili_funks_optionMenu.lua does huge string concats in ...) closed by Funkencool
fixed: Besides no longer using concat, I got rid of it all together on my …


21:02 Ticket #580 (Fog Of War seems defective) created by FireStorm
I expect to see a grey world with the commander in a oasis of colour. …


07:18 Ticket #579 (Name for BAR) created by beherith
My order of preference is: 1. Brutal Annihilation 2. Beyond All …


14:40 Ticket #578 (Units move too slow when in the shallows) created by beherith
Recently (inside of a year) movement calculation in shallow water was …
14:32 Ticket #577 (Some units (like maverick, hammer) lack muzzle flashes) created by beherith
While others, like the thud, have them, even though there is no …


03:12 Ticket #576 (Credits page) created by Funkencool
So I'm replacing the changelog in the menu with some credits. I just …
02:48 Ticket #572 (Moving widgets with simple right click and drag is not good) closed by Funkencool
fixed: it's no problem I was just making sure


20:10 Ticket #571 (Minimap clicks only move the widget) closed by Funkencool
00:28 Ticket #575 (Get your priorities fixed) created by zinn@…
This Trac installation should get some improvements: * Delete current …
00:14 Ticket #574 (Disable the clock when in windowed mode) created by zinn@…
I can see my OSes clock already. And while playing spring I do not …


23:54 Ticket #573 (Buildmenu icon bugs) created by zinn@…
See attached picture file.
23:44 Ticket #572 (Moving widgets with simple right click and drag is not good) created by zinn@…
I will drag stuff around on a regular basis. Most often when there is …
23:33 Ticket #571 (Minimap clicks only move the widget) created by zinn@…
When I tried to change my viewport using middle-click on the minimap, …


17:33 Ticket #570 (targetting priorities) created by beherith
I feel that vlaunch, high trajectory and other long range weapons …


22:28 Ticket #569 (lua error in buildbar) created by Bluestone
[f=0025640] false [f=0025640] Error in DrawInMiniMap(): [string …


23:29 Ticket #566 (check return types for callins, esp MouseMove) closed by Bluestone
fixed: fixed in engine (-230)


14:28 Ticket #568 (kill crashing aircraft if they go too high/outside of map) created by Bluestone
needs engine fix - http://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=4303
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