22:48 Ticket #576 (Credits page) closed by Bluestone
fixed: http://imolarpg.dyndns.org/trac/balatest/wiki/Contributors
22:47 Contributors created by Bluestone
22:44 WikiStart edited by Bluestone
22:43 WikiStart edited by Bluestone
20:24 Ticket #578 (Units move too slow when in the shallows) closed by Bluestone
14:54 Ticket #581 (some commands are missing icons) created by Bluestone
the coloured icons at the bottom of the screen are blank for: …
14:41 Ticket #394 (BAR: text in chat console is missing colour) closed by Bluestone
10:44 Ticket #569 (lua error in buildbar) closed by Bluestone
00:04 Ticket #521 (extend limit dgun to handle games without startboxes) closed by Bluestone


04:15 Ticket #504 (gui_chili_funks_optionMenu.lua does huge string concats in ...) closed by Funkencool
fixed: Besides no longer using concat, I got rid of it all together on my …


21:02 Ticket #580 (Fog Of War seems defective) created by FireStorm
I expect to see a grey world with the commander in a oasis of colour. …


07:18 Ticket #579 (Name for BAR) created by beherith
My order of preference is: 1. Brutal Annihilation 2. Beyond All …


14:40 Ticket #578 (Units move too slow when in the shallows) created by beherith
Recently (inside of a year) movement calculation in shallow water was …
14:32 Ticket #577 (Some units (like maverick, hammer) lack muzzle flashes) created by beherith
While others, like the thud, have them, even though there is no …


03:12 Ticket #576 (Credits page) created by Funkencool
So I'm replacing the changelog in the menu with some credits. I just …
02:48 Ticket #572 (Moving widgets with simple right click and drag is not good) closed by Funkencool
fixed: it's no problem I was just making sure


20:10 Ticket #571 (Minimap clicks only move the widget) closed by Funkencool
00:28 Ticket #575 (Get your priorities fixed) created by zinn@…
This Trac installation should get some improvements: * Delete current …
00:14 Ticket #574 (Disable the clock when in windowed mode) created by zinn@…
I can see my OSes clock already. And while playing spring I do not …


23:54 Ticket #573 (Buildmenu icon bugs) created by zinn@…
See attached picture file.
23:44 Ticket #572 (Moving widgets with simple right click and drag is not good) created by zinn@…
I will drag stuff around on a regular basis. Most often when there is …
23:33 Ticket #571 (Minimap clicks only move the widget) created by zinn@…
When I tried to change my viewport using middle-click on the minimap, …


17:33 Ticket #570 (targetting priorities) created by beherith
I feel that vlaunch, high trajectory and other long range weapons …


22:28 Ticket #569 (lua error in buildbar) created by Bluestone
[f=0025640] false [f=0025640] Error in DrawInMiniMap(): [string …


23:29 Ticket #566 (check return types for callins, esp MouseMove) closed by Bluestone
fixed: fixed in engine (-230)


14:28 Ticket #568 (kill crashing aircraft if they go too high/outside of map) created by Bluestone
needs engine fix - http://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=4303


20:33 Ticket #567 (test anon ticket) closed by beherith
20:32 Ticket #567 (test anon ticket) created by anonymous
yep its just testin
12:14 Ticket #566 (check return types for callins, esp MouseMove) created by Bluestone
see comment on http://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=4292 handler …


22:57 Ticket #565 (Chilify awards screen and add to main menu as tab at end, also chilify ...) created by Funkencool
Then end game stats and awards will be in the same window but …
05:49 Ticket #564 (Separate tips and game title from current loadpictures) created by Funkencool
Not sure who did the loadscreens (which are really nice) but now that …
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