16:41 Ticket #563 (Hide all empty pieces in COB:Create()) created by beherith
Because they force a render if they are not hidden, despite not …


16:38 Ticket #562 (widget to display player count + type of other hosts to specs) created by Bluestone
can be done with a luasocket to fetch data & dansans help


20:46 Ticket #499 (chickens has a few explosions with deprecated tags) closed by nixtux
18:16 Ticket #561 (Chili options menu can only be shown by pressing the menu button (cant ...) created by beherith
The options menu can be hidden and shown with f11, but can only be …
18:09 Ticket #560 (Make Tooltip unit types clickable.) created by beherith
So that if clicks on a unit type, then it filters the current …
18:05 Ticket #559 (Chili Funk's Selection menu takes 30 mb lua-ram) created by beherith
I dont know if this is intentional, but it takes 30 mb lua-ram. Hit …
18:02 Ticket #558 (Chili minimap too dark) created by beherith
The minimap somehow is darker in 96.0, any ideas why?


11:29 Ticket #557 (factory mode for units that build units) created by Decay
We need ability to set "destination point" or "orders queue" for units …


14:30 Ticket #550 (newbie key info) closed by Bluestone
12:41 Ticket #526 (Subs not underwater) closed by Bluestone


01:47 Ticket #556 (update BAC dep. on BA to 7.90) closed by Bluestone
01:45 Ticket #548 (add awards scores to msg passed to replay site) closed by Bluestone
01:30 Ticket #529 (dl can go underneath their target) closed by Bluestone
cantfix: I think we're doing all we can here - torpedo launchers fired from …


04:40 Ticket #544 (issuing an order on Chili menu results in a small lag spike.) closed by Funkencool
fixed: Cool
04:39 Ticket #555 (gui_chili_funks_optionMenu.lua always visible, f11 doesnt work.) closed by Funkencool
fixed: Should be working again
01:03 Ticket #556 (update BAC dep. on BA to 7.90) created by dansan
Wait for it, if there will be a new BA version for 96.0 soon. …


23:19 Ticket #480 (chat shows twice) closed by Bluestone
23:13 Ticket #555 (gui_chili_funks_optionMenu.lua always visible, f11 doesnt work.) created by beherith
Its always visible for me. f11 doesnt hide it
21:44 Ticket #490 (UI elements everywhere over the screen) closed by beherith
21:42 Ticket #39 (BAR - T3 Size issues) closed by beherith
14:43 Ticket #554 (Trim color broken after 1600) created by beherith
I tested the and it seems that the glUniform(trimColor, r,g,b,a) has …


19:26 DdsTextureGeneration edited by beherith
17:53 Ticket #553 (units vanish on /luarules disable) created by Bluestone
12:37 Ticket #539 (initial queue) closed by Decay


21:32 Ticket #552 (no music) created by Bluestone
i don't hear any!
19:51 Ticket #551 (add indications for hall of fame + tourney winners) created by Bluestone
[19:59] <bibim_> I will add a "skillclass" player attribute in the …
04:14 Ticket #550 (newbie key info) created by Bluestone
write some stuff that tells newbies the basics of unit control & resources


23:48 Ticket #549 (playernames can be too long for awards gadget) created by Bluestone
23:44 Ticket #450 (this site is slow as all fuck) closed by Bluestone
23:42 Ticket #548 (add awards scores to msg passed to replay site) created by Bluestone
(requested by dansan)
20:41 Ticket #547 (Additional teams info for adv player list) created by Decay
Would be cool to have additional info like: 5 of 6 ally players are …
10:36 Ticket #508 (use spGetCommandQueue(unitID, -1, false) to check if queue is empty) closed by Bluestone


23:36 Ticket #546 (improve/remove the check on unit height) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Removed the check + prevented comblast from creating crashing aircraft …
14:47 Ticket #546 (improve/remove the check on unit height) created by Bluestone
(maps can have arbitrarily high ground)
14:17 Ticket #545 (Remove los shader and bloom shader if there is no deferred path available.) created by beherith
As they wont work. Afaik deferred cannot be toggled ingame.
14:13 Ticket #544 (issuing an order on Chili menu results in a small lag spike.) created by beherith
In Funks current selection menu (update)
14:11 Ticket #543 (Tank accelerate / stop animations) created by beherith
Tanks (especially fast tanks) should bank backwards when accelerating, …
14:10 Ticket #542 (Animate tank treads for all tanks) created by beherith
Requires a new vertex shader to be used, and passing the unit's …
14:08 Ticket #541 (Reverse angles in HitByWeapon() cob callins) created by beherith
To make units rotate in the right direction when hit.


19:47 Ticket #540 (mission maps) closed by beherith
19:35 Ticket #539 (initial queue) reopened by Bluestone
opps accidentally closed - feel free to code this up.
19:35 Ticket #539 (initial queue) closed by Bluestone
13:43 Ticket #540 (mission maps) created by beherith
Maps marked with bold are not the prettiest... Search "MapName" (66 …


18:21 Ticket #539 (initial queue) created by Decay
would be cool if you have for example ARM queue and decided to switch …


20:23 Ticket #538 (don't show radar blips or allow targetting for transportees) closed by Bluestone
19:49 Ticket #538 (don't show radar blips or allow targetting for transportees) created by Bluestone
'remove ancient "move transportee 1000 elmos under the map to hide it …
14:10 Ticket #527 (make idle_players recognize the 'initial queue' of a player if it was ...) closed by Bluestone


19:51 Ticket #535 (smart nanos has a lua error) closed by Bluestone
18:40 Ticket #535 (smart nanos has a lua error) created by Bluestone
18:24 Ticket #534 (don't award warcow unless you won) closed by Bluestone
17:44 Ticket #530 (make AI startpos work with 'choose before game' startpoints) closed by Bluestone
17:20 Ticket #531 (coop startpoint guesser) closed by Bluestone
03:11 Ticket #534 (don't award warcow unless you won) created by Bluestone


23:43 EngineProfiling edited by beherith
18:29 Ticket #533 (Tree felling widget) created by beherith
This is just brainstorming, but I like that engine trees get knocked …
14:32 EngineProfiling edited by beherith
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screenie of sleepy
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14:29 EngineProfiling created by beherith
making page
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