23:48 Ticket #549 (playernames can be too long for awards gadget) created by Bluestone
23:44 Ticket #450 (this site is slow as all fuck) closed by Bluestone
23:42 Ticket #548 (add awards scores to msg passed to replay site) created by Bluestone
(requested by dansan)
20:41 Ticket #547 (Additional teams info for adv player list) created by Decay
Would be cool to have additional info like: 5 of 6 ally players are …
10:36 Ticket #508 (use spGetCommandQueue(unitID, -1, false) to check if queue is empty) closed by Bluestone


23:36 Ticket #546 (improve/remove the check on unit height) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Removed the check + prevented comblast from creating crashing aircraft …
14:47 Ticket #546 (improve/remove the check on unit height) created by Bluestone
(maps can have arbitrarily high ground)
14:17 Ticket #545 (Remove los shader and bloom shader if there is no deferred path available.) created by beherith
As they wont work. Afaik deferred cannot be toggled ingame.
14:13 Ticket #544 (issuing an order on Chili menu results in a small lag spike.) created by beherith
In Funks current selection menu (update)
14:11 Ticket #543 (Tank accelerate / stop animations) created by beherith
Tanks (especially fast tanks) should bank backwards when accelerating, …
14:10 Ticket #542 (Animate tank treads for all tanks) created by beherith
Requires a new vertex shader to be used, and passing the unit's …
14:08 Ticket #541 (Reverse angles in HitByWeapon() cob callins) created by beherith
To make units rotate in the right direction when hit.


19:47 Ticket #540 (mission maps) closed by beherith
19:35 Ticket #539 (initial queue) reopened by Bluestone
opps accidentally closed - feel free to code this up.
19:35 Ticket #539 (initial queue) closed by Bluestone
13:43 Ticket #540 (mission maps) created by beherith
Maps marked with bold are not the prettiest... Search "MapName" (66 …


18:21 Ticket #539 (initial queue) created by Decay
would be cool if you have for example ARM queue and decided to switch …


20:23 Ticket #538 (don't show radar blips or allow targetting for transportees) closed by Bluestone
19:49 Ticket #538 (don't show radar blips or allow targetting for transportees) created by Bluestone
'remove ancient "move transportee 1000 elmos under the map to hide it …
14:10 Ticket #527 (make idle_players recognize the 'initial queue' of a player if it was ...) closed by Bluestone


19:51 Ticket #535 (smart nanos has a lua error) closed by Bluestone
18:40 Ticket #535 (smart nanos has a lua error) created by Bluestone
18:24 Ticket #534 (don't award warcow unless you won) closed by Bluestone
17:44 Ticket #530 (make AI startpos work with 'choose before game' startpoints) closed by Bluestone
17:20 Ticket #531 (coop startpoint guesser) closed by Bluestone
03:11 Ticket #534 (don't award warcow unless you won) created by Bluestone


23:43 EngineProfiling edited by beherith
18:29 Ticket #533 (Tree felling widget) created by beherith
This is just brainstorming, but I like that engine trees get knocked …
14:32 EngineProfiling edited by beherith
14:31 sleepy.png attached to EngineProfiling by beherith
screenie of sleepy
14:30 EngineProfiling edited by beherith
14:29 EngineProfiling created by beherith
making page
14:24 WikiStart edited by beherith


09:13 Ticket #532 (FFA start point randomizer) created by beherith
The way FFA random points are currently chosen is the following: If …
02:21 Ticket #531 (coop startpoint guesser) created by Bluestone
if none, use start point guesser, if >1, put it near an already …
02:20 Ticket #530 (make AI startpos work with 'choose before game' startpoints) created by Bluestone
pID in gadget:AllowStartPosition is 255 for AI -> tID and aID is nil …


01:05 Ticket #529 (dl can go underneath their target) created by Bluestone
quite dependent on colvol/distance/angle, its much better than it was …


15:20 Ticket #528 (Reduce the number of table creations to make less garbage) created by beherith
For example, widgets could share 'getallunits' in a WG callin. Any …


00:41 Ticket #527 (make idle_players recognize the 'initial queue' of a player if it was ...) created by Bluestone


19:13 Ticket #526 (Subs not underwater) created by springjools@…
Since spring 95, whether unit is underwater is calculated from …


22:02 Ticket #525 (gpu memleak on viewresize in distortionFBO) created by beherith
both in BAR and BA versions. Probably some FBO is retaining bindings …
12:54 Ticket #524 (Make sure that widgets free gpu ram correctly!) created by beherith
Many widgets use screencopies that get created on viewresize. Make …
12:53 Ticket #523 (Reduce arm texture2 size and check if it still looks ok) created by beherith
23MB is a tad high in GPU ram use. Our aim should be 512MB gpu ram use …


17:47 Ticket #522 (rez progres bars don't show reliably) closed by Bluestone
02:51 Ticket #522 (rez progres bars don't show reliably) created by Bluestone
but other sorts of bars seem fine


18:25 Ticket #520 (Dominator missile flighttime is too low) closed by Bluestone
18:01 Ticket #521 (extend limit dgun to handle games without startboxes) created by Bluestone
limit dgun within e.g. 4*dgun range of enemy start pos note that, …
17:31 Ticket #477 (malfunction in mo_no_close_spawns) closed by Bluestone
16:00 Ticket #477 (malfunction in mo_no_close_spawns) reopened by Bluestone
got it. initial_spawn doesn't allow startpoints to placed on the edge …
13:57 Ticket #497 (subs can ignore move commands while attacking) closed by Bluestone
fixed: fixed by [1920], [1923]


21:55 Ticket #515 (A simple gadget request) closed by Bluestone
fixed: fixed by [1910]
21:54 Ticket #507 (very heavy microstuttering) closed by Bluestone
fixed: by kloot


20:52 Ticket #520 (Dominator missile flighttime is too low) created by beherith
So it cant take advantage of its range boost from heights. Try on DSD. …
00:41 Ticket #429 (in specfullview lockcamera only sees team of spectated player) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: probably its better like this -> reclassify as wanted behaviour
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