13:49 Ticket #466 ((test ticket)) closed by Bluestone
13:49 Ticket #466 ((test ticket)) created by Bluestone
13:16 Ticket #465 (aircraft brakerates need attention) created by Bluestone
following change to multipliers in engine it loks like it doesn't …


12:10 Ticket #464 (Stockpile missiles not available in Chili) created by beherith
As per title


19:15 Ticket #463 (Cant set gamespeed ingame) closed by Bluestone
worksforme: The engine now uses alt + -/+ to gamespeed (& at the same time as this …
15:11 Ticket #463 (Cant set gamespeed ingame) created by beherith
The +- keys are now volume, which is great! But often slowing and …


19:43 Ticket #462 (Replace groundflash lups types with deferred lighting) created by beherith
or preferably with nothing, they are ugly and expensive
19:42 Ticket #461 (Configure lups not to draw effects on icons) created by beherith
If a unit is rendered as an icon (not billboard) then do not render …
13:55 Ticket #460 (Buildicons should be 256X256 sharpened DDS) created by beherith
Why? .png is the worst possible format for images in spring mods: - …
13:01 Ticket #438 (BAR: side selection is bugged) closed by Bluestone
fixed: SL bug - exit and rejoin battle after dl via rapid
12:59 Ticket #459 (smenu doesn't handle factories (or combinations of facs) with more ...) created by Bluestone
not sure whether it needs to do this but if it can't handle it it …


18:48 Ticket #405 (ARM t1 ConShip; some door-wheels move, some don't) closed by beherith


10:43 Ticket #458 (huge pause +memleak when selecting lots of different unit types) created by beherith


23:12 Ticket #456 (enabling widgets doesn't work) closed by Bluestone
fixed: fixed by [1724] (not sure why...)
22:56 Ticket #452 (ba:r widget handler is very odd) closed by Bluestone
fixed: All springie/zk stuff is gone now. There are some other things …
19:38 Ticket #457 (merge chickens to ba:r) created by Bluestone
tfc made new chickens & new game modes, etc imo best not do to this …
19:23 Ticket #456 (enabling widgets doesn't work) created by Bluestone
i'm not 100% certain but i think this is a bug in the gui trying to …
19:01 Ticket #455 (Cant share units to enemy teams - even with cheats on) created by beherith
I cant share units to enemy teams, and this is quite important for …
17:16 Ticket #454 (console always shows last line said) created by Bluestone
(regardless of how long ago the line was said) also it shows at most …
17:13 Ticket #453 (console text is not cleared when its said) created by Bluestone
its only cleared when you select the console box (and the console box …
17:07 Ticket #452 (ba:r widget handler is very odd) created by Bluestone
e.g. it doesn't load users widgets (seems deliberate?!), it has …
15:53 Ticket #451 (music volume is not loaded until just after music starts) created by Bluestone
12:17 Ticket #426 (tidy up advpllist) closed by Bluestone


13:14 Ticket #450 (this site is slow as all fuck) created by beherith
For me too, and I'm sitting right next to it. Sometimes it takes …


11:56 Ticket #449 (crash involving waypoint dragger and unusual mouse buttons) created by Bluestone
http://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=4064 abma: "Calling …


19:53 Ticket #443 (top left hand corner 'picture' tooltip box is still visible (but ...) closed by Bluestone
fixed: fixed by by [1678]
16:27 Ticket #448 (at most 5 unit settings can be displayed) created by Bluestone
(things like firstate, movestate, etc)
16:03 Ticket #446 (tooltip can't handle more than 9 unittypes at once) closed by Bluestone


20:50 Ticket #447 (AreaAttack has no order pic ;)) created by Bluestone
needs AreaAttack.png in LuaUI/images/buildIcons/Commands/Bold


21:03 Ticket #446 (tooltip can't handle more than 9 unittypes at once) created by Bluestone
I suggest, if >9 unittypes selected, just display numer of unittypes, …
15:55 Missions edited by Bluestone
15:11 Ticket #445 (twilight (arm t1 cloakable mex) is actually invisible) created by Bluestone
maybe its just model missing, but you can build it and extract metal …
15:08 Ticket #48 (Initial queue does not orientate buildings to face center of map) closed by Bluestone
15:06 Ticket #444 (make m bar grey and e bar yellow) created by Bluestone
i don't think changing colour bases on (i think?) how full or how much …
15:04 Ticket #443 (top left hand corner 'picture' tooltip box is still visible (but ...) created by Bluestone
14:20 Ticket #442 (too many menus menus for different types of buildable stuff) created by Bluestone
Imo its much better to have as much as possible on one page and take …
14:13 Ticket #441 (tooltips for commands can be off the bottom of the screen) created by Bluestone
If I'm silly enough to move my mouse near the bottom of the button …


17:09 Ticket #437 (BAR: show the number of units queued up in the build order menu) closed by Funkencool
17:06 Ticket #413 (Chili-Error in `BAR's funken build Menu`:menuBackground : [string ...) closed by Funkencool
17:04 Ticket #395 (BAR: labs don't display their buildqueue) closed by Funkencool
fixed: done and done
17:03 Ticket #388 (BAR: need to think about which units to display build/order menu as default) closed by Funkencool
invalid: I've reworked the menu and separated build/order commands, but I'm …


13:57 Ticket #439 (Music widget resets volume whenever it switches tracks) closed by Funkencool
09:41 Ticket #436 (BAR: add a storage amount to the resource bars) closed by Funkencool


12:04 Ticket #440 (make chickens component) created by Bluestone
11:53 Ticket #416 (add turnInPlaceAngleLimit to control gunship movement) closed by Bluestone
invalid: done locally, won't be commited until 95 is near
11:52 Ticket #348 (make adv player list position relative to bottom right of screen) closed by Bluestone
duplicate: included in #426
11:51 Ticket #409 (change ship trans back to ship movedef for 95.0 (loading problem fixed ...) closed by Bluestone
11:49 Ticket #418 (use new 95.0 callin with startpoint placer) closed by Bluestone
invalid: Done locally, won't be commited until 95 is near; closing since there …
11:47 Ticket #69 (BAR - 'control tower' building for missions) closed by Bluestone
11:45 Ticket #435 (Some GUI widgets do not appear at the position I moved them last game) closed by Bluestone
cantfix: Assuming this is caused by 94.0/1 having non-clean exit for some …
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