14:05 Missions edited by Bluestone
updated mission dev part of wiki (diff)
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nixtux was already there! (diff)
13:30 Ticket #390 (BAR: e/m bars give wrong info) created by Bluestone
It seems they always display as full but the change colour dependent …
13:27 Ticket #389 (BAR: starting faction markers that appear on map are rendered on top ...) created by Bluestone
also, imo its best if they fade away soon after the game starts
13:24 Ticket #388 (BAR: need to think about which units to display build/order menu as default) created by anonymous
E.g. click on a lab and you probably want the buildmenu but it …
12:57 Ticket #357 (huge radar dots sometimes appear for units inside ground transports) reopened by Bluestone
12:35 Ticket #387 (crawling bombs have a huge seismic signature) closed by Bluestone
12:20 Ticket #322 (unit script bugs) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Seems all fixed


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21:41 Ticket #135 (enemyspotter vs teamplatter) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: won't fix since bar has its own
21:41 Ticket #337 (would be nice to hvae a gadget that gives a command to reset mod ...) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: not needed that much after fixing widget handler - same effect can be …
21:39 Ticket #364 (check luathreadingmodel for 95.0) closed by Bluestone
21:34 Ticket #387 (crawling bombs have a huge seismic signature) created by Bluestone
(in ba, didn't test bar)
21:24 Ticket #386 (BAR: unit info on mouseover needs a delay) created by Bluestone
its really annoying when you're trying to move your units around at …
21:23 Ticket #385 (BAR: hard to see planes when they fly out of the map) created by Bluestone
the background colour of the map extension is too dark - when aircraft …
21:22 Ticket #384 (BAR: vanishing menu buttons) created by Bluestone
when i move my mouse over the order menu the buttons vanish as i move …
21:21 Ticket #383 (BAR: escape doesn't cancel order) created by Bluestone
when i have an order selected (but not given) pressing escape should …
21:20 Ticket #382 (BAR: ctrl+d doesn't work in missions) created by Bluestone
ofc it should make the poor little guys top themselves


20:45 Ticket #374 (BAR - map tesselating can't handle some maps) closed by Funkencool
fixed: There was two map edge widgets. One of which was missing components …
20:42 Ticket #371 (BAR - some missing files for ui) closed by Funkencool


00:45 Ticket #381 (Mass Unit reclaim) closed by Bluestone
worksforme: Read the changelog! …
00:38 Ticket #381 (Mass Unit reclaim) created by djmad
It was possible in BA 775 to reclaim many buildings/units with …


23:37 Ticket #379 (BAR Chili: cant give orders on minimap) closed by Funkencool
fixed: should be right as rain now
23:02 Ticket #380 (BAR: lua error) created by beherith
[f=0003183] [bawidgets.lua] Error: Error in DrawScreen(): [string …
01:02 Ticket #370 (make icon for ground aa) closed by Bluestone
00:25 Ticket #362 (Moving parts of pause widget don't work eith 94.1.1-463) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Seems fixed in 94.0.1-594
00:01 Ticket #377 (context build bug with dragons eyes over water) closed by Bluestone


14:17 Ticket #379 (BAR Chili: cant give orders on minimap) created by beherith
Orders cannot be given on minimap, and middle click to center cam on …


23:35 Ticket #378 (BAR: some UI issues) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Great :) I'll close this ticket since I doubt you'll want to read it a …
03:24 Ticket #378 (BAR: some UI issues) created by Bluestone
i had a look through the current ba:r ui, here are lots of thoughts! …


02:01 Ticket #377 (context build bug with dragons eyes over water) created by Bluestone
context build switches dragons eyes for sonar (? maybe it was smth …


12:34 Ticket #376 (BAR: more missing units) created by anonymous
Still quite alot of arm units with empty defs e.g. aafus, amgeo, …


00:34 Ticket #373 (BAR - Mising units) closed by beherith
fixed: fixed in #1133


00:08 Ticket #375 (BAR - some things to push from BA repo) created by Bluestone
I think these things were in the ba repo before the merges & somehow …
00:05 Ticket #374 (BAR - map tesselating can't handle some maps) created by Bluestone
DeltaSiegeX gets mangled into white and black: …


23:56 Ticket #373 (BAR - Mising units) created by Bluestone
Didn't check the buildlists much, but these widgets can't find units …
23:54 Ticket #372 (BAR - transport ai thinks its an 'unsupported game') created by Bluestone
probably it works fine if we just make it switch on for ba:r
23:51 Ticket #371 (BAR - some missing files for ui) created by Bluestone
@funken, sorry if you already know about these ;) [Sound] Error: …
21:32 Ticket #370 (make icon for ground aa) created by Bluestone
21:31 Ticket #369 (com warning siren is unreliable) created by Bluestone


22:19 Ticket #368 (aircraft can't land on sea antinuke) created by Bluestone
tested with t2 core airtrans on core antinuke ship, BA 7.76 and spring-94.1
19:59 Ticket #361 (advplayerlist doesn't save some of its settings) closed by Bluestone
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