23:34 Changeset [1112] by beherith
Massive merge or BAR_ALPHA into the BAR branch, BAR branch was an svn copy …


23:59 Changeset [1111] by nixtux
BAR: Remove unneeded cegs tags,Fix typo in corkrog unitdef
18:43 Changeset [1110] by Bluestone
Make sure chat input dialogue is placed correctly.
17:51 Changeset [1109] by Bluestone
Removed canHover tag (deprecated for 95.0)
07:55 Changeset [1108] by Funkencool
[BAR_ALPHA]Added new font (only affects chili and probably not final)


22:32 Changeset [1107] by beherith
Copied BA to BAR repo for future ease of merges
22:30 Changeset [1106] by beherith
Trying to move the old BAR branch to inactive 2
22:30 Changeset [1105] by beherith
Trying to move the old BAR branch to inactive
22:02 Changeset [1104] by beherith
BAR: premerge
10:47 Ticket #334 (Improve redui build menu page allocation) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: wontfix because the ba:r ui looks much nicer anyway!
10:43 Ticket #58 (BAR - res bar movement) closed by Bluestone
10:38 Changeset [1103] by Bluestone
Remove debug echo
09:45 Changeset [1102] by Bluestone
other bit of merge up to [1099] into bar_alpha
09:44 Changeset [1101] by Bluestone
merge up to [1099] into bar_alpha
07:12 Changeset [1100] by Funkencool
[BAR_ALPHA]song title wasn't showing up
01:33 Ticket #358 (idlebuilders widget is very ugly) closed by Bluestone
fixed: removed in [1096]
01:12 Changeset [1099] by Bluestone
change keybind for canceltarget to j for obvious reasons
00:51 Ticket #366 (screamer/merc doesnt fire in 94.1.1-413) closed by nixtux
fixed: Fixed in [1097]
00:42 Changeset [1098] by Bluestone
Add target_on_the_move gadget. Adds two new commands "Set Target" and …
00:37 Changeset [1097] by nixtux
Clean up redundant code in mercury/screamers scripts


18:31 Ticket #360 (remove deprecated CCEG heatcloud tags) closed by Bluestone
invalid: my fault!
18:31 Ticket #365 (CCEG error with 94.1.1-463 and ba-svn) closed by Bluestone
fixed: was fixed by [1092]
18:09 Ticket #366 (screamer/merc doesnt fire in 94.1.1-413) created by Bluestone
http://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=3781 - kloot says the script never …
11:42 Changeset [1096] by Bluestone
Removed idle_builders_new …
09:59 Ticket #360 (remove deprecated CCEG heatcloud tags) reopened by Bluestone
I still have lots of warnings in the infolog with!
00:46 Ticket #365 (CCEG error with 94.1.1-463 and ba-svn) created by Bluestone
When hitting the surface of the water on DeltaSiegeX with a liche. …
00:01 Changeset [1095] by Bluestone
Removed magic number UnitDefIDs from faction changer


19:35 Ticket #364 (check luathreadingmodel for 95.0) created by Bluestone
in view of http://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=3774. for now [1093]
19:24 Ticket #360 (remove deprecated CCEG heatcloud tags) closed by nixtux
fixed: fixed in [1094]
19:22 Changeset [1094] by nixtux
Remove unneeded ceg tag , Closes #360
16:04 Ticket #363 (luathreading environment seems set wrong) closed by Bluestone
16:03 Changeset [1093] by Bluestone
fix #363
15:38 Ticket #363 (luathreading environment seems set wrong) created by Bluestone
with 94.1.1.+git it seems we need luathreadingmodel=2, not 4.
12:32 Ticket #362 (Moving parts of pause widget don't work eith 94.1.1-463) created by Bluestone
12:09 Ticket #361 (advplayerlist doesn't save some of its settings) created by Bluestone
code reads as though its always been like that and was written that way …
12:03 Changeset [1092] by Bluestone
Make advplayerlist suitable for larger player/spec numbers.
10:28 Changeset [1091] by Funkencool
[BAR_ALPHA]added missing icons for music widget
10:25 Changeset [1090] by Funkencool
[BAR_ALPHA]fixed music dir
04:51 Ticket #360 (remove deprecated CCEG heatcloud tags) created by Bluestone


23:09 Ticket #359 (smart area reclaim loads itself fully when spectating) created by Bluestone
22:40 Ticket #358 (idlebuilders widget is very ugly) created by Bluestone
does anyone actually use it? its not loaded by default.


23:57 Changeset [1089] by nixtux
Remove unneeded tags in watersplash cegs, for 94.1+
11:19 Changeset [1088] by Funkencool
[BAR_ALPHA]Updated new chili end game stats
11:16 Changeset [1087] by Funkencool
[BAR_ALPHA] Updated new build/command menu + minimap
11:10 Changeset [1086] by Funkencool
[BAR_ALPHA] added new chili ResBars?
11:09 Changeset [1085] by Funkencool
[BAR_ALPHA]added music Widget(plus music)
10:50 Changeset [1084] by Funkencool
01:31 Changeset [1083] by beherith
BAR: merged everything into BAR_ALPHA from BA up to commit 1081


21:14 Changeset [1082] by beherith
Creating a branch of BAR for future merges


21:33 Changeset [1081] by Bluestone
speedups for unsynced part of merscr stockpile limit
21:13 Changeset [1080] by Bluestone
made merc/scr stockpile limiter only echo locally
21:12 Changeset [1079] by Bluestone
customicons made unscyned code only
12:10 Changeset [1078] by DeadNightWarrior
Performance updates in gfx_projectile_lights.lua
10:35 Ticket #105 (Beherith, merge the projectile lights widget from XTA into BA) closed by Bluestone
fixed: I think this was done a while ago
10:27 Ticket #356 (ally cursors breaks in specfullview) closed by Bluestone
10:27 Ticket #356 (ally cursors breaks in specfullview) closed by Bluestone
10:21 Changeset [1077] by Bluestone
Fix #356 and also really fix #144.


22:26 Changeset [1076] by Bluestone
Mercury/Screamer? changes; uber long range back, can stockpile up to 5 …
21:22 Changeset [1075] by Bluestone
Maverick exp grows faster, up to a point (thanks BD!)
20:49 Changeset [1074] by Bluestone
Commando becomes amphib, builddistance increased to 315, health increased …
20:35 Changeset [1073] by Bluestone
commando minelayer weapon only lays mines onto buildings
14:00 Ticket #357 (huge radar dots sometimes appear for units inside ground transports) created by Bluestone
11:28 Changeset [1072] by Bluestone
change start point guesser description slightly
11:19 Changeset [1071] by Bluestone
Don't use start point guesser unless startPosType is choose in game. …


23:44 Changeset [1070] by Bluestone
Remove defunct save/load functionality from customicons
23:40 Changeset [1069] by Bluestone
Remove widget customicons after [1068].
23:40 Changeset [1068] by Bluestone
Made customicons into a gadget and fixed cordoom/armanni displaying the …


11:00 Ticket #356 (ally cursors breaks in specfullview) created by Bluestone


13:01 Changeset [1067] by Bluestone
don't check startpoint placement if engine has returned allyteamID=nil
12:35 Changeset [1066] by Bluestone
fix lua error
11:00 Changeset [1065] by Bluestone
Only apply [1064] if startpoint guesser modoption is on, also apply sanity …
10:56 Changeset [1064] by Bluestone
workaround in startpoint guesser for …
09:29 Changeset [1063] by Bluestone
Cleaned up duplicated speedup in cf2
09:27 Ticket #355 (shrink cf2 circles slightly on zoom out) closed by Bluestone
09:26 Changeset [1062] by Bluestone
made cf2 visuals scale properly with zoom (and corrected some spelling …
00:27 Changeset [1061] by Bluestone
comment out lock camera exit message again


23:52 Changeset [1060] by Bluestone
Updates for lockcamera (thanks BD)


18:38 Changeset [1059] by Bluestone
Gave commando a more helpful description
11:40 Ticket #355 (shrink cf2 circles slightly on zoom out) created by Bluestone


20:54 Ticket #354 (TRAC - could use component field on trac to differentiate BA/BAR/lua/etc ...) created by Bluestone
abma asks for it, i personally don't mind, we don't have many bugs :D
20:53 Ticket #353 (setup/configure trac) closed by Bluestone
18:32 Ticket #351 (version of ba:test on thorium (and presumably rapid) is corrupted) closed by Bluestone
invalid: Rapid issue. http://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=30182.
09:28 Ticket #352 (can't set waypoint for amphibous complex) closed by Bluestone
09:28 Changeset [1058] by Bluestone
canmove=true for amphib complexes.
00:45 Ticket #353 (setup/configure trac) created by abma
please add at least the components BAR BA lua models also i suggest to …
00:40 Ticket #352 (can't set waypoint for amphibous complex) created by abma
canmove=true is missing http://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=3705:
00:36 Ticket #351 (version of ba:test on thorium (and presumably rapid) is corrupted) created by abma
Error: Spring: Incorrect/Missing? content: Could not load texture from …


12:33 Ticket #350 (after [1049] cf2 cant handle godmode) created by Bluestone
01:52 Ticket #73 (BAR - make icons for the chickens) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Blank icons are fine for the mission editor and can't see any other reason …
01:51 Ticket #321 (customformations line draws slightly out of place) closed by Bluestone
01:51 Ticket #124 (decals and dynamic lighting can be seen outside of los) closed by Bluestone
01:50 Ticket #320 (make context build remember its unit (?)) closed by Bluestone


22:59 Ticket #342 (test [1032] and add modoption) closed by Bluestone
22:59 Changeset [1057] by Bluestone
Added modoption for startpoint guesser
19:39 Ticket #323 (lua error in mex upgrader) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Still couldn't replicate it
19:34 Ticket #349 (spectators are the wrong colour in lockcamera menu) closed by Bluestone
19:34 Changeset [1056] by Bluestone
Spectators are coloured white on lockcamera menu
19:03 Ticket #341 (adv player list doesnt display correct faction if you choose ingame) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Faction data can now be got from both synced and unsynced with …
19:01 Changeset [1055] by Bluestone
Make advplayerlist display the correct faction on gamestart.
12:52 Changeset [1054] by nixtux
Fix faction changer for core commander
03:33 Ticket #349 (spectators are the wrong colour in lockcamera menu) created by Bluestone
seems they take whatever colour player 1 has
03:29 Changeset [1053] by Bluestone
03:29 Changeset [1052] by Bluestone
Commander name tags defaults to disabled
03:00 Changeset [1051] by Bluestone
Lock camera doesn't write an extra message to infolog when it exits
00:46 Changeset [1050] by Bluestone
cf2 keeps its old name
00:42 Ticket #347 (custom formations stipple effect could be improved alot) closed by Bluestone
00:42 Changeset [1049] by Bluestone
Much nicer visuals for customformations (thanks PixelOfDeath?!)


23:54 Ticket #343 (Deactivate /info when advplayerlist is switched on) closed by Bluestone
23:51 Changeset [1048] by Bluestone
Set ShowPlayerInfo? to 0 when advplayerlist loads
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