15:47 Ticket #47 (FPS mode problems) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: reopen if problems still exist
15:46 Ticket #41 (Intruder is borky) closed by Bluestone
14:02 Ticket #322 (unit script bugs) created by Bluestone
coramph (gimp) won't fire at the land if its in water because of its …
04:16 Ticket #321 (customformations line draws slightly out of place) created by Bluestone
see http://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=29893


10:18 Ticket #320 (make context build remember its unit (?)) created by Bluestone
select build option, move over water and back again - context build …


15:20 Ticket #316 (lockcamera has a bug with fps mode) closed by Bluestone
14:21 Ticket #66 (New player midgame join bug w COOP) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Fixed by (I think) [875]
14:18 Ticket #133 (give indication on cursor when a unit isn't able to fire at something ...) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Fixed by [993]
14:17 Ticket #137 (commando bugs) closed by Bluestone
fixed: First issue is basically fixed by queueing mines manually while …
01:47 Ticket #318 (implement keybindings for snd_volume_osd.lua (see [979])) closed by Bluestone
fixed: by [989]
01:46 Ticket #319 (check colvols for buildings too) closed by Bluestone


23:33 Ticket #319 (check colvols for buildings too) created by Bluestone
e.g mex colvols are far too big atm
01:30 Ticket #317 (more colvols) closed by Bluestone
fixed: Planes might still need work, but all others should be good now.


02:23 Ticket #318 (implement keybindings for snd_volume_osd.lua (see [979])) created by Bluestone
currently both snd_volume and snd_volume_lua are included - making …
01:13 Ticket #315 (comcounter gui is broken) closed by Bluestone
fixed: fixed by [981]
00:35 Ticket #167 (redconsole needs lua fix) closed by Bluestone
fixed: fixed by [973] and [974]
00:34 Ticket #122 (morties shoot eath other when clumped) closed by Bluestone
duplicate: caused by #317 (engine side of this bug is now fixed)
00:33 Ticket #317 (more colvols) created by Bluestone
new default colvols are too large and need to be custom made for all …
00:29 Ticket #316 (lockcamera has a bug with fps mode) created by Bluestone
on singleplayer with 93.2.1 going into fps mode caused dropped packets
00:29 Ticket #315 (comcounter gui is broken) created by Bluestone
was added with an image file missing, I guess?


15:51 Ticket #314 (Upgrade Trac to 1.0 and install SpamFilter) created by Dansan


19:38 Ticket #169 (Create loadscreen to describe how to use "snd_volume_osd" widget) closed by Decay
wontfix: VBS proposed better solution: 1. wait for this fix: …
02:19 Ticket #169 (Create loadscreen to describe how to use "snd_volume_osd" widget) created by Decay
snd_volume was very slow and ugly (not much people used it) I replaced …
01:39 Ticket #166 (/bitmaps/loadpictures/keybindscreen.jpg are wrong! z and c are must be ...) closed by Bluestone


22:50 Ticket #168 (hotkeys loadscreen has z and z switched) closed by Bluestone
22:48 Ticket #168 (hotkeys loadscreen has z and z switched) created by Bluestone
22:47 Ticket #167 (redconsole needs lua fix) created by Bluestone
- Lua: make Spring.GetPlayerRoster really return a boolean for …
22:41 Ticket #166 (/bitmaps/loadpictures/keybindscreen.jpg are wrong! z and c are must be ...) created by Decay
I propose to delete /bitmaps/loadpictures/keybindscreen.jpg and make a …
00:06 Ticket #150 (bugs with 93.1 (and 7.72)) closed by Bluestone
wontfix: Turns out these are all engine issues, except the last, which seems to …


20:13 Ticket #150 (bugs with 93.1 (and 7.72)) created by Bluestone
jellyfish/anemone fire at land! units sometimes don't shoot when they …


12:48 Ticket #137 (commando bugs) created by Bluestone
Now that mines can't be stacked, commandos minelayer script only …


22:44 Ticket #136 (BA logo for floris) closed by Bluestone


17:10 Ticket #136 (BA logo for floris) created by Bluestone
see file
00:39 Ticket #135 (enemyspotter vs teamplatter) created by Bluestone
gui_enemy_spotter and gui_team_platter both draw circles about bases …
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