22:54 Ticket #100 (Flagship sometimes moves sideways) created by A.H
Flagship sometimes moves at tilted angles in water. Liche fires on …


13:55 Ticket #99 (test ticket) created by nixtux
test will remove
13:55 Ticket #98 (normal mapping broken with spring-git) created by nixtux
from BAR infolog -- [f=0000000] Error: error = 2, LuaRules/draw.lua, …


16:56 Ticket #97 (use smooth font (same as in healthbars) for rendering points/markers) created by beherith
also applicable to commander nametags.
16:54 Ticket #96 (reduce wrecks radius) created by beherith
in radius adjuster gadget. possibly better handling in wreckfields and …


17:38 Ticket #95 (Erratic T2 Airtransport behaviour) created by FireStorm
Transport often does not assent after pick up, to get ready for next …
16:56 Ticket #94 (Aircraft landing to repair pad cant be canceled) created by beherith
16:51 Ticket #93 (Remove reload bars from crashing bombers) created by beherith


14:20 Ticket #92 (investigate wether f3 works) created by beherith
f3 to cycle through unit under attack and point placement events.


23:20 Ticket #91 (liche problems) created by anonymous
If liche is given an attack order and there are other potential …


18:49 Ticket #90 (single unit rezz is bugged) created by beherith
area rezz works fine, single unit queued is fail.


12:19 Ticket #81 (todo for 90) closed by beherith
12:17 Ticket #88 (turninplace is fucked!) closed by beherith


21:58 Ticket #89 (use SVN versions in widgets lua files) created by Dansan
Widgets are often updated and I sometimes download a fixed version …
00:56 Ticket #88 (turninplace is fucked!) created by beherith
in unitdefs post: if ud.category and (ud.category:find("TANK",1,true) …


18:56 Ticket #87 (mission to test reclaiming crashing bombers) closed by Bluestone
16:58 Ticket #87 (mission to test reclaiming crashing bombers) created by Bluestone
Put the .sdz into spring/mods and drag the .txt over spring.exe …
00:47 Ticket #86 (Problems with Air Repair Pad) closed by beherith
00:13 Ticket #77 (7.70 crashes on Tera server - demos + battlelog) closed by beherith
fixed: closing cause its lies. also cause of engine update :)


22:43 Ticket #86 (Problems with Air Repair Pad) created by Napkin
The following units can't repair at a Air Repair Pad. They will fly …


15:22 Ticket #83 (some sea geatures) closed by Bluestone
15:22 Ticket #85 (BAR - arm atlas) created by beherith
What the arm atlas by kaiser needs: …
14:53 Ticket #84 (t1 subs can't target closeby) created by Bluestone
Ask a t1 sub to target something very close to itself, can be a unit …
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