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"passive builders" gadget needs some fixes

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When you stall energy and have full metal, you wont build solar full speed. I think player would appreciate the basic eco working correctly before the graph effects.

the same situation with "Energy Converter" when you have E and have no M

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comment:1 by Bluestone, 7 years ago

There is nothing broken here, the problem is that after [3845] you are asking the passive builders gadget to do hugely more than it was designed for. I think you'd have to re-write large parts of the gadget to achieve this.

As it stands the gadget views all passive builders collectively as a single "builder" entity with a single resource allowance, which is then allocated to individual passive builders on first-come-first-served basis, until further allocation would cause a stall (of any kind) to occur. If the non-passive builders have sufficient pull to cause a stall (of any kind), the passive builders won't be allocated any resources.

When you stall energy and have full metal, you wont build solar full speed.

Therefore - setting ~all builders to be passive in [3845] will have unwanted side effects, of which this is one. Another, which will be harder to spot, is that (within the atomic unit of passive builders update time) a passive builder may only build on full speed or not at all; the first-come-first-served order in which passive builders are given resources is random, with the result that when passive builder resources are scarce they won't be distributed evenly between build targets.

In short, passive builders was designed as a way for "second class citizen" builders to eat up resources when and only when there was a surplus, with the implication that it is the users responsibility to handle stalls caused (and everything else caused) by the active builders.

comment:2 by Bluestone, 7 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Made the stall check per unit per resource in [4363]. Other issues remain, in particular the passive builders AI for distributing resources amongst builders is ... non-existant, it doesn't have one -> should only be used for a small number of builders to soak up surplus resources (i.e. nanos).

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