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BAR website

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created ticket for tzaeru to add info too

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comment:1 by tzaeru@…, 8 years ago


I was thinking of the plans for BAR (whatever the name will be) domain and website. If Behe or someone else isn't already wanting to register the domain, I could do so once the name of the game is decided, as I already have a bunch of domains and dedicated servers behind The domain can then be redirected to where-ever a website is kept or to Spring game info page, if a website isn't put up. :)

  • tzaeru / tzaeru@…

comment:2 by Jazcash, 8 years ago

In regards to the website itself, who's interested in developing it? I'm interested, but I don't want to make any promises. Although, I'd be more than happy to whip up some mockups of what it could look like. If nobody else was interested, I think I could make something pretty decent just based on a simple CMS.

comment:3 by tzaeru@…, 8 years ago

I can be a supporting side in the website development. I'd offer server space for it, too, but unfortunately my servers' port 80s are reserved for NodeJS so if LAMP was your thing, configuring would be take a little extra. I've also a bunch of server-side programming experience and sysadmin experience.

Unlike often is done, I feel that the website and plugins on the website should be kept in an open repository and be contributable to by non-core developers. In the case of a website, it does open a small security risk, but if we stick to well-known and maintained components to build the website from, that shouldn't be a big issue.

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comment:4 by Bluestone, 8 years ago

Just for the record, I know nothing about websites and won't be any help at all :D

comment:5 by Jazcash, 8 years ago

I despise LAMP and love NodeJS ;) Maybe we could go with the MEAN stack or something?

comment:6 by Jalmari Ikävalko, 8 years ago

Something MEAN-based would be great, yes! We started using SailsJS at work some time ago and it's been exceedingly powerful for our use case. It's basically MEAN plus a few extras, has in-built seamless WebSocket integration, follows REST practices strongly and generates MVC components for you. The primary issue would be that it isn't a full CMS, so might not be the most ideal choice here.. So it'd either need an additional plug-in or more "manual" content management.

My own suggestion here is that we put up a GitHub repo for the website (meaning better collaborativity) and just host it where-ever we can for starts. I can offer my server for it for now and if it isn't sufficient later on, we can just migrate elsewhere.

  • tzaeru / tzaeru@…

comment:7 by Jazcash, 8 years ago

Sounds good, I think you would have to be the main developer, as I've never done any web development professionally, although I start an job in about two weeks :D I'd love to help out where I can though, when I get home from my gfs I might try and whip up some mock-ups and you guys can see what you think.

Github is a good idea, and using your server would be great.

comment:8 by Jalmari Ikävalko, 8 years ago

Well, I've really never seriously done any front-end dev and am not up-to-date with the modern techniques of that side. Also I've absolutely zero eye for visuals!

What I can do is set up the frameworks, databases, user accounts and stuff like that, but I really blow in the actual front-end side of things!

I'd imagine we really want to use some proper CMS to cut down the work amount and probably later on, add a forum if BAR attracts wealthy amount of folk. For forum software, there's NodeBB for NodeJS. For proper CMS, I think there are currently pretty much KeystoneJS and PencilBlue. The rest seem to either be very much WIP or last updated months ago.

I tested setting up NodeBB and Keystone. You can check them at and , they're mostly in their default states. Not too happy with Keystone. Needs a lot, a lot, a lot of customization and manual code-writing to make it look sensible. NodeBB seems fine; There are existing themes that give it more a basic phpBB look.

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comment:9 by Jazcash, 8 years ago

Not much experience with NodeJS CMS', maybe we could just stick with Express and build it up slowly, over time? There's so rush, so we could just take things at a decent pace and plan everything out beforehand maybe.

comment:10 by Jazcash, 8 years ago

What about a single page, fancy animation type site?

Imo, this might be the easiest to implement using just Express. All content would be dynamically loaded, hopefully making it feel like an Adobe Flash site that they used to use for top title games, but with HTML5 and CSS3. Just an idea.

comment:11 by Jalmari Ikävalko, 8 years ago

Ya, there are indeed plenty of choices here. :)

We can use Express alone and add to it on-need basis, but there are a few things that we absolutely will need in the future; Forum, regular updates (news-like for version updates etc) and a gallery. The issue with Express alone is that there'll be no admin panel, no ready template engine, etc. So we need to add quite a few middleware to it or do "manual" updates to the news page for example when an update goes out, which, I feel, is a little suboptimal. But probably we can find handy middleware to help us along! ;)

Is there a particular template engine you fancy or do would you rather like pure HTML5 + CSS? Also, do you have some real-time communication platform of choice like Skype or similar, or should I contact you about your up-coming user account etc via SpringRTS forum? (I can't see your email here, my account has wound up deleted at some point )

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comment:12 by Jazcash, 8 years ago

True, we will need other components, so a CMS would be the best choice if we can find one that meets all our requirements without being too bloated. Something extremely simple, allowing us complete control over appearance and functionality would be perfect if we can find it. I'll have a look around at NodeJS CMS' too.

As for template engine, I'm really not fussed. Ideally, something with a little more control such as Jade and Sass/LESS/Stylus or w/e would be better. I'm happy to learn any new template engine though so no particular preference for me.

Contact me however you prefer, SpringRTS forums, here, my Skype is just Jazcash.

comment:13 by Jazcash, 8 years ago

Looking at the Keystone examples pages, it's pretty powerful/flexible and looks like we should be able to completely tailor it to suit what we want:

PencilBlue that you mentioned looks like it might be alright, but I can't find any demos or examples of it anywhere which is annoying :/

The other ones look either incomplete or only developed by a single person, making them slightly less favourable due to reliability issues, less documentation and such.

I'm gonna try and setup a few and see how they all fair.

comment:14 by Jalmari Ikävalko, 8 years ago

Yeah, we should be able to go with either Express + Jade + Stylus combo or KeystoneJS. The only issue with KeystoneJS is that at least in development mode, its pretty heavy performance-wise. Maxes out my server's CPU with just one user when I'm browsing the admin panel of it. I would hope it's better in production mode. Might be that the dev mode has no templates etc precompiled, so that gives a huge perf hit.


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comment:15 by Matt, 7 years ago

Are you guys still looking for website support / development? (I own a web company) - Happy to help out

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