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[bug tracker] email notification for changes on tickets / bug tracker

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would be nice if an email would be send when a ticket is updated (closed/changed/new post/...)

(sorry wrong component, but "this website" doesn't exist)

maybe migrate to github or sth. similar at some point!?

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comment:1 by abma, 6 years ago

Summary: email notification for changes on tickets / bug tracker[bug tracker] email notification for changes on tickets / bug tracker

comment:2 by abma, 6 years ago

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comment:3 by Funkencool, 6 years ago

From what I know, the reason it's not on github ( or other sites ) is the licensing of the models. It's not my area I just remember it being mentioned/discussed at one point before. Personally, I would love using github in the future if possible.

Email notifications would be very useful, preferably by signing up individually. Possibly defaulting to true on tickets one commented on.

comment:4 by Bluestone, 6 years ago

At least in the past, whenever me & behe discussed github we both felt it was a more complicated solution than BA/BAR needed. I would also be concerned that githubs commit message history is not searchable (at least, idk how).

Trac does support email notification for tickets ( - you can enter your email address in the "reported by" field, or you can add an email address to your current trac username in the 'preferences' tab. (It might also need to be enabled by behe, if its not already).

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comment:5 by Bluestone, 6 years ago

Is anything left to do here?

comment:6 by abma, 6 years ago

i've configured an email address here in trac. i guess email notification doesn't work because either no mailserver is running on the server or the mails get blocked by foreign mail servers because server address ip is in a range of a cable network.

you can search git message history localy with "gitk". other clients should allow that, too.

comment:7 by Bluestone, 6 years ago

ok, sounds like behe needs to check trac config for emails

comment:8 by abma, 6 years ago

Component: BARInfrastructure

comment:9 by abma, 6 years ago

what blocks a move to git/github?

comment:10 by Bluestone, 6 years ago

Whenever we discussed it, neither or me or behe wanted to use github for BA/BAR.

comment:11 by abma, 6 years ago

github has a svn frontend...hmm

comment:12 by Bluestone, 6 years ago

Yes, svn clients interact with git, I have no idea how well.

If it's not already clear, since this isn't the first ticket on which its been said: whenever its been discussed me+behe both thought that for a project as small as BA/BAR, git+github is mostly needless extra features and complications. We like tortoise+trac and have no wish to look for another solution. Ofc behe maintains trac and has the final word on this.

It looks like in order to enable email notifications (which are installed, but disabled) behe would have to change a setting in the trac.ini file. I can't access it through the web admin interface, so I guess this has to wait.

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comment:13 by abma, 5 years ago

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email notification seems to work now, thanks behe!

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