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7.70 crashes on Tera server - demos + battlelog

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all in a zip if u want to see what happened - go into logs 27.7. and 3.8. most problems/crashes

27.7 i updated to 7.70 on 3.8. 20:39 GMT+1 i rolled back from 7.7 to 7.68

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infolog 0803 202449.txt (32.1 KB ) - added by Bluestone 9 years ago.
infolog 0728 222758.txt (44.6 KB ) - added by Bluestone 9 years ago.
infolog 0728 200355.txt (53.7 KB ) - added by Bluestone 9 years ago.
infolog 0728 174624.txt (44.2 KB ) - added by Bluestone 9 years ago.
infolog 0803-203243.txt (36.3 KB ) - added by Bluestone 9 years ago.

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comment:1 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

I've played through some of these demos and here's what I found.

(1) 0728-174624. Can't see a crash here - didn't spot any individual players crash and the demo played through to the natural game end.

(2) 0728-200355. Crash for several players together at around 16 min in - server is stopped by players. Zonk crashes once earlier on and succesfully reconnects. Very likely mass crash bug.

(3) 0728-222758. Same as (1).

(4) 0803-202449. Zinn crashes in first minute and !stops the server. From the chatlogs it seems that only Withstar also had a problem which he describes as a 'freeze. Not consistent with mass crash bug imo.

(5) 0803-203243. Kodiak is afk at start of game and Paste stops the server after 1.30. Definately not mass crash bug.

I've not replayed the two longest of these - there is also a large dsd game which goes on for 1h12 and a 1v1 that goes on for 28min on tabula.

I played some 8v8 games on spads4 with 7.70 yesterday and we did have some mass crashes. I checked my infologs each time and always the last few lines or so pointed towards Skirmish-AI and the Redtooltip widget. But I didn't find a replay here where the server crashes so can't test against that. I've attached my infologs, but I didn't crash during these replays.

A couple of weeks ago I persuaded several people to put replay+infolog on forum of a ffa game with a mass crash: Looking at those infologs it seems that in that case the culprit is the Skirmish-AI (and Redtooltip only appears in my infolog). Abma points to a mantis fix from Kloot in which Kloot says he's seen the bug before and he's fixed in post_release branch. But that's not to say its exactly the same problem as this is about.

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comment:2 by beherith, 9 years ago

Yeah I ran through all 7, and only 2 were genuine crashes.

comment:3 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

Just for sake keeping here is another instance of the mass crash bug from [ACE], with infologs from 3 different sytems.

comment:4 by beherith, 9 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

closing cause its lies. also cause of engine update :)

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