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command buttons should have a fixed order and highlight curently selected

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Having the order of the buttons on the bottom be different for each selected unit set is not optimal, as it requires you to search for the relevant button, instead of being able to use muscle memory to know where to click. Optionally, the unavailable buttons could be greyed out.

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comment:1 by Bluestone, 8 years ago

This would be significant work to implement fully, since the buttons are generated from GetUnitCmdDescs; there is no global register for unit commands (afaik - note that the CMD table is not suitable since it also contains non-user commands). There are also complications from (user) widgets that can add custom commands.

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comment:2 by Bluestone, 8 years ago

Maybe a better idea is to have two rows of buttons - one for "common" commands with fixed pos and then a second row for "rare" commands that contains everything else without fixed pos.

comment:3 by beherith, 8 years ago

As far as I see, there are 16 command icons, 7 of them seem to be the common ones. Despite this, I would be reluctant to split this into two rows, only the first 7 should be static, and a suggested order for them is: Move, Fight, Attack, Wait, Patrol, Repair, Guard, the rest could just be popped in as required, but the first 7 could be grayed out if unavailable.

comment:4 by Bluestone, 8 years ago

ok, that works

comment:5 by Bluestone, 8 years ago

Any similar preference for the state buttons?

comment:6 by Bluestone, 8 years ago

Summary: The Command buttons should have a static order on the bottomcommand buttons should have a fixed order and highlight curently selected

comment:7 by beherith, 8 years ago

always top 3:









land at





Hold fire = red, 71 Return fire = orange, 72 Fire at will = green, 73 Hold pos = red, 74 Maneuver = orange, 75 Roam = green, 76 Repeat off = red, 77 Repeat on = green, 78 Active = green, 79 Passive = red, 80 Fly = green, 81 Land = red, 82 Off = red, 83 On = green, 84 UnCloaked = red, 85 Cloaked = green, 86 LandAt 0 = red, 87 LandAt 30 = orange, 88 LandAt 50 = yellow, 89 LandAt 80 = green, 90 UpgMex off = red, 91 UpgMex on = green, 92 Low traj = red, 93 High traj = green,

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comment:8 by Bluestone, 8 years ago

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