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New player midgame join bug w COOP

Reported by: beherith Owned by: somebody
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[2:42:41 PM] <bibim> I tested the midgame join as player functionnality with ba recently [2:43:01 PM] <bibim> and I think there is a bug when coop mode is enabled (mo_coop) [2:43:22 PM] <bibim> the player joining midgame thinks a new commander is created for him as he joins [2:43:43 PM] <[teh]Beherith[PiRO]> fuck [2:43:53 PM] <[teh]Beherith[PiRO]> is this with .88? [2:43:53 PM] <bibim> whereas the other players who were already in game do not generate this new commander => isntant desync [2:43:56 PM] <bibim> yes [2:44:17 PM] <[teh]Beherith[PiRO]> does it desync everone? or just the person who rejoins? [2:44:31 PM] <bibim> it's not rejoining, it's joining as new player [2:44:40 PM] <bibim> this functionnality isn't available in current spads versions [2:44:44 PM] <bibim> so it's not a problem currently [2:44:50 PM] <[teh]Beherith[PiRO]> ah ok [2:44:58 PM] <[teh]Beherith[PiRO]> i didnt know players could join midgame [2:44:59 PM] <bibim> but in next spads version it will be possible to join a game in progress as new player in existing ID [2:45:20 PM] <bibim> it should be usefull mainly to replace a disconnected/crashed player [2:45:31 PM] <[teh]Beherith[PiRO]> i dont think BA will have such a thing for now [2:45:33 PM] <[teh]Beherith[PiRO]> ah ok [2:45:53 PM] <[teh]Beherith[PiRO]> ill talk to VBS, he is most skilled lua master, I cant code lua for shit :( [2:46:08 PM] <bibim> well the mod doesn't have to do anything actually, it's an engine/autohost thing [2:46:11 PM] <bibim> oh ok [2:46:23 PM] <[teh]Beherith[PiRO]> thanks for your work on spads, btw [2:46:40 PM] <[teh]Beherith[PiRO]> there are so many people who's work we take for granted [2:46:46 PM] <bibim> I thing it's a very small thing to change, it's just that the coop thing which generates a commander for sharing ID players should be disabled once game has started [2:46:57 PM] <bibim> you're welcome ;) [2:47:46 PM] <bibim> I tested midgame join as player with current BA and with mo_coop disabled and it works already

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