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targetting priorities

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I feel that vlaunch, high trajectory and other long range weapons (annihilator, DDM large laser) need a usability buff in the following form:

targetmoveerror of 1, so it WONT lead (lead is kinda pointless on vlaunch anyways)

" float targetMoveError Default: 0.0

The degree to which a weapon's aiming will fail to keep up with its target's movement. If set very low or not set at all, a weapon will lead its target and almost always hit. "

" float predictBoost Default: 0.0 (0.5 for burnblow = true weapons)

Controls how well the weapon predicts unit speeds. Works in a similar way to targetMoveError except that it is 1-dimensional. This tag spreads the shots in a line based on the direction of the target whereas targetMoveError spreads the shots all around based on the movement. "

Along with a negative proximitypriority for vlaunch: " float proximityPriority Default: 1.0

Acts as a multiplier for the distance to the target in the priority calculation. Note that negative values make weapons prefer distant targets. "

Any thoughts?

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comment:1 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

I didn't understand all of that - what does 'lead' mean in this context? do you mean this to apply also to lrpc/toaster/etc? to antinuke/emp/tacnuke? corhrk/wombat?

I hadn't noticed anni/dmm missing their targets much, but also i rarely build them myself - what context are you thinking of there?

I'm don't know whether giving high proximitypriority to anni/ddm would make them weaker or stronger; they'd be harder to get near but if you attacked them in the midst of a battle (i guess) they wouldn't fight back at the things that were attacking them.

comment:2 by beherith, 9 years ago

Lead means that if an targetted unit is moving in a straight line, then the targetter will aim ahead of it knowing the flight time of the projectile.

Anti-ddm in the context of scout spamming. If farther units are prioritized higher, then they are less likely to be scouts, plus scouts can be dealt with by neighbouring lower range dfens.

Ill have a closer look at the code that governs targetting priority in the engine.

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comment:3 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

I think a better solution to is use the targetting callins/outs (and see whether they are a perf drain or not).

Ddm & anni (and iirc all t3, t2 def) should already only target scouts when they are the only option for something to hit, there is a badtargetcategory called GROUNDSCOUT. That definately worked when I added it ~1 year ago, but didn't test it recently.

comment:4 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

Summary: 'Siege mode' for dominators, high traj weapons and vlaunch misslestargetting priorities

comment:5 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

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