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Separate tips and game title from current loadpictures

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Not sure who did the loadscreens (which are really nice) but now that we have luaintro it would be nice to separate the tips and game title from the actual screenshot.

It would allow easier addition of nice new screens or tips without touching gimp(or photoshop).It would also allow changing the game version or title as necessary.

If I had the source of the current ones I'd be willing to do it myself.

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comment:1 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

The game title should stay embedded in the screenshot because its a good line of defence against mod hijacking (rename, make some change, release an impersonation that looks official e.g. "BA:r Improved Edition"). This is not a problem at the moment but periodically every so often some idiot will try to do it.

The tips are certainly best separated out into lua. The current loadscreens were created a long time ago by Jazcash and you could pm him on forums to ask for sources - afaik he used photoshop.

comment:2 by beherith, 9 years ago

I agree with bluestone, keep the title embedding, but tips would be great to have in lua loadscreen!

comment:3 by Funkencool, 9 years ago

PMed Jazcash but haven't heard anything back.

Not sure I understand, couldn't they just change screens? or are you saying it just makes it that much less likely since they'd have to do more than change the name?

How about some kind of signature image/logo to overlay? It could be the best of both worlds. Very simple adding of new screens, plus a 'signature' to decrease the likely hood of hijacking.

comment:4 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

You can't easily remove a logo thats been baked into an image. They could change the screens completely - and then it would be obviously a fake.

What we do right now is bake a signature image into the screens and only upload the baked versions. Imo we should keep doing that, although ofc we'll have to make a new signature.

comment:5 by Funkencool, 9 years ago

So once we have a set of screens they're probably not going to change again because people will think it's a fake?

comment:6 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

No - they will change only when it is accounced in the release post + changelog! And we'll be the only ones who can (easily) bake the correct logo into it.

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comment:7 by Bluestone, 8 years ago

Resolution: no change required
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comment:8 by Bluestone, 8 years ago

(but new loadscreens will ofc be needed)

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