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Zooming in to a construction project drops the FPS by a large degree

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Zooming to a project under construction drops the FPS, in my case from 150-200 to 40-80. ZK and BA are affected as well, but not as strongly.

/luarules disable and /luaui disable, while otherwise increasing FPS, didn't affect the strength of the drop - the FPS ratio between zoomed in and zoomed out remained at roughly 2 to 4. Units and buildings with more vertices seemed to drop the FPS more.

SwapBuffers was taking roughly 86% of CPU time, indicating a lot of CPU-GPU communication.

My guess would be that the under-construction mesh is being rendered very suboptimally.

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comment:1 by beherith, 9 years ago

doesnt reproduce on my lappy with hd4000 gfx

comment:2 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

nor on either of my laptops (one ati, ome nvidia, both good quality mobiles)

comment:3 by Jalmari Ikävalko, 9 years ago

Specs about the comp: Graphics card is nVidia GTX 650 Ti. OS is Ubuntu Linux. The drivers in use are the cutting-edge nVidia proprietary drivers.

I'll see if I can find someone else with Linux and nVidia card to try it. Could be a missing or poorly done feature in the drivers?

comment:4 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

I don't know enough to judge that, maybe behe does or if not you need a engine person there ;)

comment:5 by beherith, 9 years ago

I can reproduce this in my gtx 560ti. Normal fps=250, zoomed into a completed armlab:150 fps, zoomed into an armlab under construction: 75 fps. GPU load at 100% all the time, memcontroller load static.

The most likely culprit is a heavy fragment shader of the stuff for under construction.

Swapbuffers remains under 1% all the time.

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comment:6 by beherith, 9 years ago

Resolution: cantfix
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unfortunately this is cantfix, as it is an engine issue.

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