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set aimpoints for partially submerged units

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comment:1 by beherith, 9 years ago

Ive always wondered about this; most land units have their root piece (base) at the origin. Most often the 'sweetspot' in script is also the root. Does this mean all units aim at the origin of the unit (which often will thus be very very close to ground and easily obscured)?

comment:2 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

<[evil]Sapphire> I think that you are right that that's where units will aim but with Spring.SetUnitMidAndAimPoint you to set a units aimspot to wherever you choose

<[evil]Sapphire> although: <[evil]Sapphire> i think there is a big issue with what kloot has suggested there, to do with mobile units that move in and out of shallow water <[evil]Sapphire> seems to me that what he suggests is only possible if its constantly checked in gameframe & maybe he hasn't realized that

comment:3 by Bluestone, 9 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Fixed for ships and stationary water stuff.

Torps aiming at partially submerged mobile land units should get fixed by

Partially submerged mobile land unit that are >50% underwater not being shot at by non-torpedos remains, because the only way I can think of fixing it is a massive hack. I claim this is an engine bug and mod shouldn't have to fix it anyway.

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