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Chili-Error in `BAR's funken build Menu`:menuBackground : [string "LuaUI/Widgets/gui_chili_funkenmenu.lua"]:65: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

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At game start:

[f=0000000] Chili-Error in BAR's funken build Menu:menuBackground : [string "LuaUI/Widgets/gui_chili_funkenmenu.lua"]:65: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) [f=0000000] stacktrace:

[string "LuaUI/Widgets/gui_chili_funkenmenu.lua"]:65: in eventListener [string "LuaUI/Widgets/chili/controls/object.lua"]:588: in CallListeners [string "LuaUI/Widgets/chili/controls/object.lua"]:860 (tail call): in ? ... (tail call): in ? (tail call): in ?

[f=0000000] Removed widget: BAR's funken build Menu

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