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check pushing behaviour with 94.0

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i think pushing was turned on with 91.0 unit-unit collisions in mind. 94 collisions are alot more elastic and units slip past much easier - compare behaviour and possibly change default of modoption.

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comment:1 by Bluestone, 10 years ago

[12:40:56] <bibim> for example, you can't micro your units to prevent enemy units from retreating [12:41:02] <bibim> in llt cover etc. [12:41:13] <bibim> it was very cool to be able to do so with correct micro [12:41:22] <[Fx]Bluestone> ok, i know what you mean [12:41:33] <[Fx]Bluestone> i think that change is partly also due to changes in the way engine handles pathing [12:41:38] <bibim> yeah [12:41:39] <[Fx]Bluestone> collision handling is very different now [12:41:52] <bibim> but I disabled it on my autohost and it's ok [12:42:01] <[Fx]Bluestone> ahh ok [12:42:13] <bibim> actually evn with enemy pushing disabled, enemy units go around your units much easier than before [12:42:17] <bibim> so it's harder to block them [12:42:23] <[Fx]Bluestone> i think you're right about that, yeah [12:42:28] <bibim> but it's ok, it's normal [12:42:43] <bibim> I think it's a good compromise anyway for them to be able to go around easily [12:43:00] <[Fx]Bluestone> yes, ok, i will make sure to test it for next ba release [12:43:05] <bibim> however pushing them almost as if they weren't there is a bit annoying [12:43:15] <[Fx]Bluestone> i tihnk it was only enabled in an attempt to prevent unit-unit collisions from just being units stcuk to each other [12:43:25] <[Fx]Bluestone> which it was in 91.0

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