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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#90 single unit rezz is bugged somebody defect major component1
#99 test ticket somebody defect major component1
#100 Flagship sometimes moves sideways somebody defect major component1
#339 minimap start boxes has errors if someone resigned before game start somebody defect major component1
#398 new adv player list (in svn) on 22 jun have issues with sharing. defect major BA trunk
#403 Torpedo lauchers behave strange defect major BAR
#463 Cant set gamespeed ingame defect major BAR
#480 chat shows twice defect major BAR
#575 Get your priorities fixed enhancement major BA trunk
#617 Clickign on 'graphics' in f11 menu: chili main menu errored defect major BAR
#633 gl.Unit() will stop render with lups fx in view defect major BAR
#853 "Chicken: Very Easy" doesn't spawn any chickens defect major BAR Beta release BAR
#895 Fix LOS colors. They should not look like a rainbow defect major BA trunk
#41 Intruder is borky somebody defect minor component1
#49 factory assist widget overrides user somebody defect minor component1
#84 t1 subs can't target closeby somebody defect minor component1
#119 age old ati issues somebody engine bug minor BA trunk
#381 Mass Unit reclaim somebody defect minor component1
#567 test anon ticket enhancement minor BAR Beta release BA trunk
#586 rez progress bars only show when zoomed far in defect minor BA trunk
#607 many widget options are not integrated to gui defect minor BAR
#721 Deferred rendering makes healthbars a bit more transparant defect minor BAR
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