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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#16 yYdKBQi somebody enhancement blocker component1
#5 Sumos can be napped when moving somebody defect major component1
#27 maxangledif was doubled in .86. somebody defect major component1
#52 "Attack" command on piled up units does not always work somebody defect major component1
#89 use SVN versions in widgets lua files somebody enhancement major component1
#94 Aircraft landing to repair pad cant be canceled somebody defect major component1
#107 mines can be built on top of one another somebody defect major component1
#150 bugs with 93.1 (and 7.72) somebody defect major component1
#169 Create loadscreen to describe how to use "snd_volume_osd" widget somebody defect major component1
#333 possible gadget to disable luaui while catching up with game in progress -> about 2x faster rejoining somebody enhancement major component1
#346 armvulc colvol cant be hit by liche somebody defect major component1
#353 setup/configure trac somebody enhancement major component1
#414 disallow capturing units from the same team defect major BA trunk
#423 stop inactivity counter for awards gadget on resign defect major BA trunk
#496 Combomb w/ T1 trans quite possible defect major BA trunk
#592 BAR static lua gadget load doubles in latest engine-develop defect major BAR Beta release BAR
#649 smart select means chili eats too much perf when dragging over 20+ units performance major BAR
#650 build_eta eats too much fps performance major BAR
#655 vertical lines on radar dots eats too much fps performance major BAR
#659 smart select selects units you didn't ask for and doesn't select ones that you did ask for defect major BAR
#882 Add ability to translate unit descriptions and ingame UI enhancement major BA trunk
#898 when nuke is selected, anti dont fade defect major BA trunk
#915 "passive builders" widget needs improvements defect major BA trunk
#929 arm com rotating body when guarding lab and core com is not rotating defect major BA trunk
#930 implement on/off or open/closed for buildings like t1 popup Decay defect major BA trunk
#941 endgame bug: all dead - game is not ended defect major BA trunk
#954 BA: create a new unit "spider trans"? defect major BA trunk
#955 BA: double check game started sounds (todo for myself) defect major BA trunk
#960 ships target mines (todo: how ships should counter mines?) defect major BA trunk
#963 its possible to dgun up cliffs defect major BA trunk
#965 Units target "wrong" things with area attack defect major BA trunk
#971 adv pl list idle detection doesn't check obvious things defect major BA trunk
#973 adv pl list displaying "offers to play" as (sub) is broken defect major BA trunk
#979 minimap background is present without minimap in tab view defect major BA trunk
#1082 display custom chat actions in chonsole Bluestone task major BAR
#1129 LuaRules/Gadgets/fx_wreck_shards.lua:44: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'minx' (a nil value) defect major BA trunk
#1130 LuaRules/Gadgets/unit_dynamic_collision_vol...:120: bad argument #2 to 'spSetPieceCollisionData' (invalid piece) defect major BA trunk
#1136 ProcessUnits: luaParser.Execute() failed: [string "gamedata/defs.lua"]:38: [string "gamedata/defs.lua"]:26: error = 2, gamedata/moveDefs.lua, [string "gamedata/moveDefs.lua"]:309: attempt to call field 'GetModOptions' (a nil value) defect major BA trunk
#1138 [string "LuaRules/Gadgets/unit_dynamic_collision_vol..."]:65: attempt to index field 'path' (a nil value) defect major BA trunk
#44 BAR - Nukes take too long to fire? somebody defect minor component1
#47 FPS mode problems somebody defect minor component1
#97 use smooth font (same as in healthbars) for rendering points/markers somebody enhancement minor BAR
#124 decals and dynamic lighting can be seen outside of los somebody defect minor component1
#314 Upgrade Trac to 1.0 and install SpamFilter somebody enhancement minor component1
#334 Improve redui build menu page allocation somebody defect minor component1
#337 would be nice to hvae a gadget that gives a command to reset mod widgets to default enabled/disabled settings somebody enhancement minor component1
#350 after [1049] cf2 cant handle godmode somebody defect minor component1
#429 in specfullview lockcamera only sees team of spectated player defect minor BA trunk
#449 crash involving waypoint dragger and unusual mouse buttons defect minor BA trunk
#528 Reduce the number of table creations to make less garbage enhancement minor BA trunk
#549 playernames can be too long for awards gadget defect minor BA trunk
#557 factory mode for units that build units enhancement minor BA trunk
#559 Chili Funk's Selection menu takes 30 mb lua-ram enhancement minor BAR Beta release Chili
#570 targetting priorities Bluestone enhancement minor BA trunk
#614 Integrate from BAR into BA: Ally Cursors task minor BA trunk
#632 resigning before the game starts defect minor BA trunk
#635 healthbars eats perf when not drawing any bars Bluestone performance minor BA trunk
#643 chickens gui hides comcounter defect minor Chickens
#666 UI scaling for very large screens task minor BAR
#678 Maverick is has a bad body/turret turnrate opinion minor BA trunk
#698 replace auto_build_spacing and auto_build_facing with a single widet/gadget defect minor BAR
#725 chilify select trim colour beherith defect minor BAR
#818 beep sound when ignored players chat defect minor BA trunk
#829 left team had no coms but game didnt stop (1hour 30 min game) defect minor BA trunk
#833 tooltip hides behind minimap defect minor BAR
#868 Hotkey combinations for all units opinion minor BAR
#957 Sokolov torpedos are blocked by shield defect minor BA trunk
#983 top right widget stuff doesn't scale with screen Bluestone enhancement minor BAR
#1033 core t1 veh lab tilted units inside defect minor BA trunk
#1106 make UI elements draggable task minor BAR
#1120 Interface settings : Fullscreen resolution got its text overriding on reset settings button defect minor BAR
#1126 Incorrect name displayed for commanders defect minor BA trunk
#1139 unit_airbase gadget errors defect minor BA trunk
#75 (useless spam advertising) somebody enhancement trivial component1
#135 enemyspotter vs teamplatter somebody defect trivial component1
#329 attack_aoe lua bug somebody defect trivial component1
#610 volume widget saves settings in wrong location defect trivial BA trunk
#639 chickens don't offer state/cmd buttons enhancement trivial BAR
#921 awards gadget tries to use gui shader via WG - gadgets do not have access to WG so it's dead code defect trivial BA trunk
#933 split credits tab out from main menu widget into own file task trivial BAR
#970 text on health bars is aligned badly defect trivial BA trunk
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