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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#15 naGok somebody enhancement blocker component1
#351 version of ba:test on thorium (and presumably rapid) is corrupted somebody defect blocker component1
#17 XsOawJIy somebody enhancement critical component1
#416 add turnInPlaceAngleLimit to control gunship movement Bluestone defect critical BA trunk
#360 remove deprecated CCEG heatcloud tags somebody defect major component1
#382 BAR: ctrl+d doesn't work in missions Bluestone defect major BAR
#388 BAR: need to think about which units to display build/order menu as default somebody defect major Chili
#399 remove the transportee hider when 95.0 comes out (engine fix: defect major BA trunk
#409 change ship trans back to ship movedef for 95.0 (loading problem fixed in engine) Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#418 use new 95.0 callin with startpoint placer Bluestone enhancement major BA trunk
#519 commanders are dead and game is not ended 2 defect major BA trunk
#535 smart nanos has a lua error defect major Chickens
#634 buildbar widget shows wrong pictures + eats fps defect major BAR
#653 comblast_dgun_range displays nothing defect major BAR
#664 units don't attack each other when luarules is disabled defect major BAR
#679 plasma bounces from friendly through own shield defect major BA trunk
#730 buildsplit has no effect defect major BA trunk
#732 endgraph shows sometimes when game is not over defect major BAR
#877 spring 99: Use Spring.SetLosViewColors properly. I have set up good looking LOS colours for ZK with this. defect major BA trunk
#943 LOS view darkens minimap too much Bluestone enhancement major BAR Beta release BAR
#43 T1 and T2 Exploiters don't fire somebody defect minor component1
#78 BAR - Core's advanced solar collector don't rotates to Sun somebody defect minor component1
#93 Remove reload bars from crashing bombers somebody defect minor component1
#484 Prevent players from choosing start points on unpassable terrain for commanders enhancement minor BA trunk
#540 mission maps beherith enhancement minor BAR
#556 update BAC dep. on BA to 7.90 task minor Chickens
#600 Footprints of various units are too small opinion minor BAR
#606 Separate decal type: unit tracks, from the others? opinion minor BA trunk
#613 Reclaim area circle is not smooth enhancement minor BA trunk
#620 Rezbot/reclaim/assist range circle is not smooth defect minor BA trunk
#749 armmex creates wreck for old model defect minor BAR
#753 Progress of stuff being built is not visible on sidebar enhancement minor BAR
#13 lXMBPR somebody task trivial component2
#489 startscreen with the text box doesn't deliver defect trivial BAR
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