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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#928 add click-on-bar to share res to ally res defect minor BAR
#932 can gfx_deferred_rendering be relicense as gpl? beherith other minor BAR
#939 update non-beta-release missions Bluestone defect minor BAR
#940 don't display diffs for xml files defect minor Infrastructure
#956 airjets show for nanoframes defect minor BAR
#968 Selection menu presents a large load each time a command is issued Bluestone defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#981 [f=0000000] Warning: Couldn't find texture "LuaUI/Images/advplayerslist/flags/??.dds"! defect minor BA trunk
#990 clean up cursors task minor BAR
#991 music widget doesn't detect "sound disabled" defect minor BAR
#1003 facbar shows wrong fac button after luaui reload defect minor BAR
#1004 [f=0009512] [Texture] Warning: [LoadTexture] could not load texture "tex2.png" from model "objects3d/sgreyrock1.s3o" beherith defect minor BAR
#1007 commands fx gl.UnitShape doesn't fade beherith defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1016 start pos aren't drawn in minimap defect minor BAR
#1018 cmd menu can overlap player list defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1019 hotkeys don't show in sMenu defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1021 remove game info widget task minor BAR
#1024 planes try to land on dead repair pads Bluestone defect minor BAR
#1027 unblock AllowCommand for settarget and display in commands_fx defect minor BAR
#1044 Krow cant land on moving air repair pad defect minor BA trunk
#1050 Free fusion mod option Bluestone enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1051 Core t2 floating moho metal converter enhancement minor BAR
#1053 combine unit dont move and cmd factory hold position defect minor BAR
#1054 dof nil error defect minor BAR
#1055 combine unit smart area reclaim and unit specific unit reclaimer (& rename to cmd) defect minor BAR
#1056 combine unit com dont break cloak and unit spy reclaim defaults defect minor BAR
#1057 move chicken team colour to unsynced gadget defect minor BAR
#1062 Pressing pause in the music widget (top right) throws chili error: [f=0002387] [Chili] Error: Tried to show a non-child (image1220) defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1064 main menu detects water and mapborder settings incorrectly defect minor BAR
#1068 main menu graphics tab (& external tabs) initially don't render correctly if luaui reload occurs whilte they are selected defect minor BAR
#1074 Bgu playerlist presents a large chili load enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1076 widgets that disabled themselves are given the wrong colour if they are manually re-enabled and then immediately disable themselves again defect minor BAR
#1079 tex1 errors for some features defect minor BAR
#1081 Reduce GC load with MaxLuaGarbageCollectionTime = 1.5 Bluestone enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1091 ambusher and toaster are closed in their unitpics defect minor BAR
#1093 com name tags is too expensive defect minor BAR
#1097 Readd tooltip for sMenu build icons defect minor BAR
#1100 make ally resbars team order match player list defect minor BAR
#1102 Empty build icon slots in sMenu eat right clicks Bluestone enhancement minor BAR
#1105 Display CORE faction in lobby client enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1107 music gets 'unpaused' when action is intense enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1112 Right place for chicken widget : On right border under volume widget... enhancement minor Chickens
#1118 Arm/Core widget selection : Incompatible widget position with Corner & Spacious layouts + 1280x1024 screen res. defect minor BAR
#1122 Tagged notes on the map aren't in green color in console... enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1135 [string "LuaRules/Gadgets/gui_awards.lua"]:397: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'screenWidth' (a nil value) defect minor BA trunk
#10 luarules/gadgets/lups_shockwaves.lua somebody defect trivial component1
#14 Broken dooomsday's machine anim somebody defect trivial component1
#58 BAR - res bar movement somebody enhancement trivial component1
#68 when i edit maps with springmapedit they go blocky on only a short zoom out somebody defect trivial component1
#440 make chickens component opinion trivial BA trunk
#466 (test ticket) defect trivial BA trunk
#500 Changing game speed only shows highest/lowest speed when changing direction defect trivial BAR
#501 Juggernaut's left most small laser can move full 360 degrees, other lasers can't defect trivial BAR
#511 Make all sea structures rock in the waves. enhancement trivial BAR
#574 Disable the clock when in windowed mode enhancement trivial BAR
#585 smenu makes some keys stop working defect trivial BAR
#605 adv pl list doesn't recognize that game is in progress after luaui reload defect trivial BA trunk
#700 newbie info shows to specs if team 0 is autoplaced defect trivial BA trunk
#701 sInfo should go blank when cursor is outside of map defect trivial BAR
#727 add specfullview into iPanel of player list defect trivial BAR
#738 hide API/debug widgets enhancement trivial BAR
#752 Chili texture handling question performance trivial Chili
#761 remove the individual los/bloom widgets beherith task trivial BAR Beta release BAR
#814 healthbars & commandsfx don't hide on f5 defect trivial BAR
#820 remove uw from unitname of floating mmkr defect trivial BAR
#856 revert to previous version of cmd_idle_players for 99.0 defect trivial BA trunk
#870 Map info in top left opinion trivial BAR
#889 bogus ceg name defect trivial BAR
#890 duplicate corgripn_bomb in weapondefs ??! defect trivial BA trunk
#901 rename armuwmmm and coruwmmm to armfmmm and corfmmm defect trivial BAR
#923 don't load initial queue and faction change when not required Bluestone defect trivial BAR
#934 make graphics tab use both sides, left for sliders, right for checkboxes enhancement trivial BAR
#935 split general tab into "help" and "game info" tabs defect trivial BAR
#936 bgu_tooltip shows a tiny empty window if you luaui reload with mouse over a unit Bluestone defect trivial BAR
#958 Active/passive, land/fly, land at 30/50/80 buttons not updating immediately. enhancement trivial BAR Beta release BAR
#959 sMenu doesn't display build queue of enemy units in /godmode defect trivial BAR
#999 chonsole suggestion overlapping defect trivial BAR Beta release BAR
#1020 [f=0014571] LuaUI TweakMode: ON [f=0014571] Warning: Couldn't find texture "LuaUI/Widgets/chili/skins/default/tweak_overlay.png"! [f=0014828] LuaUI TweakMode: OFF defect trivial BAR
#1067 minimap doesn't flip when camera is flipped defect trivial BAR
#1089 luarules loadmissiles doesn't work for units on the opposing team defect trivial BAR
#1098 sInfo darkens the build pic too much enhancement trivial BAR Beta release BAR
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