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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#774 console box width should depends on screen width defect major BAR
#775 defence range nil error defect minor BAR
#776 awards widget nil error defect major BAR
#777 widgets that crash sometimes don't show as unloaded in option Menu defect major BAR
#778 Particle borders get visible (when unit blows up) defect major BAR
#779 playerlist error when no known country defect minor BAR
#780 facbar nil error defect major BAR
#781 Last line of chat is not shown if after gamestart you dont scroll on chat panel defect minor BAR Beta release Chili
#782 Resource bar decimal place is wrong if E income >1000 defect major BAR Beta release Chili
#783 Commander sometimes refuses to spray nano particles defect major BAR Beta release BAR
#785 Console tex entry box doesnt wrap long text enhancement minor BAR
#786 Selection menu crash defect minor BAR Beta release Chili
#787 hightlight units nil error defect major BAR
#788 console slows down if it is given _very_ heavy spam defect minor BAR
#789 Music transitions are too sharp when changing conflict types defect minor BAR
#790 info panel in option menu doesn't always fit stuff defect major BAR
#791 facbar doesn't display when a spec becomes a player defect major BAR
#793 set target command needs cursor in new style and should appear in sMenu defect major BAR
#794 [f=0000202] Error: could not find a parser for model "2x2a" (unknown format?) defect major BAR
#795 [f=0001764] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, UnitTaken, [Internal Lua error: Call failure] [string "LuaRules/Gadgets/game_awards.lua"]:150: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) stack traceback: [string "LuaRules/Gadgets/game_awards.lua"]:150: in function 'UnitTaken' defect major BAR
#796 Map marks not visible defect major BAR Beta release BAR
#798 restore and stop commands are missing from UI defect major BAR
#799 chicken progenitor lua error defect minor BAR
#800 playerlist lua error defect major BAR
#801 mexupg has no cursor, canceltarget has no icon defect major BAR Beta release BAR
#802 [f=0076699] Error: could not find a parser for model "armshlt_dead" (unknown format?) defect major BAR
#803 light flashes are too big engine bug major BAR
#804 Chillify defense range UI - or move it into options menu defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#806 nil error in passive builders gadget defect major BA trunk
#809 [3214] removed normal maps from cihckens defect major BAR
#810 add interface for mutelist enhancement minor BAR
#811 add luaui reset buttons & similar from BA enhancement minor BAR
#812 Shadows get disabled at startup or doing /luaui reload defect major BAR
#814 healthbars & commandsfx don't hide on f5 defect trivial BAR
#815 mex upgrader nil error defect minor BA trunk
#816 j doesn't cancel target defect major BA trunk
#817 amph t3 lab should be buildable on steeper ground defect minor BA trunk
#820 remove uw from unitname of floating mmkr defect trivial BAR
#821 lups needs checks to not draw when icon/far defect major BAR
#824 BA "ready" button could be better visible enhancement major BA trunk
#825 replays desync if watched at game speed != 1 and a take occurs engine bug major BA trunk
#826 block insert cmds in stockpile control defect minor BA trunk
#828 all terrain units slip and slide on very steep cliffs while climbing defect minor BA trunk
#830 [bug tracker] email notification for changes on tickets / bug tracker enhancement major Infrastructure
#831 update open hosts host names defect major BA trunk
#834 lua error with hardware not supporting shaders in luaui/widgets/gui_highlight_units.lua defect major BAR
#835 Error: [GetSolidObjectDecalType] Could not load object-decal from file "unittextures/" defect major BAR
#836 [f=0015272] Error: [GetSolidObjectDecalType] Could not load object-decal from file "unittextures/" defect major BAR
#837 Warning: Couldn't find texture "unittextures/" defect major BAR
#838 mobile antinukes don't have a nuke icon defect minor BA trunk
#840 cursor tip info doesn't update defect major BAR
#841 Error in DrawWorldPreUnit(): [string "LuaUI/Widgets/gui_commands_fx.lua"]:176: bad argument #1 to 'Vertex' (number expected, got NAN (check your code for div0)) defect major BAR
#844 add stats widget enhancement major BAR
#845 gadgetHandler miscounting engine bug major BAR
#848 "LuaRules/Gadgets/unit_passive_builders.lua"]:237: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) defect major BA trunk
#849 ghost site draws visible wrecks defect minor BA trunk
#852 Fix all costs after defect blocker BA trunk
#854 dont show icon on zoom out for walls defect minor BA trunk
#856 revert to previous version of cmd_idle_players for 99.0 defect trivial BA trunk
#858 com name tags widget shows wrong name after substitution defect minor BA trunk
#859 healthbars shader interferes with lups defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#860 toaster can't be ressurected defect minor BA trunk
#861 make smenu handle re-selection spam defect minor BAR
#865 Loadscreens enhancement minor BAR
#867 Hotkeys should be displayed over the top of the tiles in the build menu opinion minor BAR
#870 Map info in top left opinion trivial BAR
#876 [f=0000309] Error: could not find a parser for model "2x2a" (unknown format?) defect minor BAR
#881 BA and BAR: use overhead camera as default (for 99 engine) defect major BA trunk
#883 bake slow update fix after 99.0 defect minor BA trunk
#885 AimFromWeapon/QueryWeapon warnings defect major BA trunk
#886 error with version BA test - 3709 (spring 99) defect major BA trunk
#888 warnings about old tags defect minor BA trunk
#889 bogus ceg name defect trivial BAR
#890 duplicate corgripn_bomb in weapondefs ??! defect trivial BA trunk
#891 weapons dir does not pass through weapondefs_post defect major BA trunk
#892 set target using NaN causes random errors defect major BA trunk
#894 Limit mobile units max paralysis time - add exceptions for mobile anti? defect major BA trunk
#896 bug in unit_interceptors.lua defect major BA trunk
#899 one last QueryWeapon script error defect major Chickens
#901 rename armuwmmm and coruwmmm to armfmmm and corfmmm defect trivial BAR
#906 old buildicons looked sharper defect minor BAR
#907 BAR stop command on the bottom button row enhancement major BAR Beta release BAR
#908 LuaRules/Gadgets/gui_awards.lua"]:452: attempt to compare nil with number defect major BA trunk
#909 "passive builders" gadget needs some fixes defect major BA trunk
#911 sim city loadpictures defect major BA trunk
#917 little bug in unit_transportable_nanos.lua defect major BAR
#918 chilify replay buttons defect minor BAR
#919 chilify ally res defect minor BAR
#925 ba_los_colours does not remove its effect when widget is unloaded defect minor BA trunk
#928 add click-on-bar to share res to ally res defect minor BAR
#931 very high cpu usage of "Ally Resource Stats (GameFrame)" at high game speeds defect major BAR
#934 make graphics tab use both sides, left for sliders, right for checkboxes enhancement trivial BAR
#935 split general tab into "help" and "game info" tabs defect trivial BAR
#938 sinfo tries to display e/m for enemy units defect major BAR
#940 don't display diffs for xml files defect minor Infrastructure
#942 top left selection info transparency of the unit pic looks off enhancement major BAR Beta release BAR
#953 BA: error in awards gadget defect major BA trunk
#956 airjets show for nanoframes defect minor BAR
#958 Active/passive, land/fly, land at 30/50/80 buttons not updating immediately. enhancement trivial BAR Beta release BAR
#959 sMenu doesn't display build queue of enemy units in /godmode defect trivial BAR
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