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#577 Some units (like maverick, hammer) lack muzzle flashes defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#578 Units move too slow when in the shallows defect minor BA trunk
#580 Fog Of War seems defective defect major BAR
#581 some commands are missing icons defect minor BAR
#582 console ignore (filters out unwanted engine stuff) is missing defect major BAR
#583 information in buildconfig.lua could be autogenerated defect minor BAR
#585 smenu makes some keys stop working defect trivial BAR
#587 Sniper OPness opinion minor BA trunk
#588 Chilli UI oddness - default ui looks enhancement major BAR Beta release Chili
#589 Chili build menu needs cost and name in tooltip. enhancement minor BAR Beta release Chili
#590 mex upg again <3 defect minor BA trunk
#591 gui_chili_funks_console.lua StackPanel spikes CPU when there are many messages in console defect major BAR Beta release Chili
#593 arm medium mines don't expode defect major BA trunk
#594 chickens modoptions need updating defect major Chickens
#595 chickens font is odd, characters too close together defect major Chickens
#596 It's possible to be ready and not be shown green in the coloured list of playernames defect minor BA trunk
#597 Often list of ready/unready players does not fit onto screen defect minor BA trunk
#603 BAR - Gimp is borked defect major BAR
#604 lua error from resizing in windowed mode defect minor BA trunk
#605 adv pl list doesn't recognize that game is in progress after luaui reload defect trivial BA trunk
#611 choose faction widget does not always detect gamestart defect minor BAR
#619 Fancy Selected Units - some units flash when others disappear defect minor BAR
#622 Add a flashing button to leave FPS view if FPS view is active enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#624 los shader lua error defect major BAR
#625 un-buildable units are displayed in smenu defect minor BAR
#626 Wierd weapon reload visuals defect minor BAR
#631 armfus has ridiculous small hitbox, or other similar problem defect major BAR
#636 short hang on first gameframe performance minor BAR
#637 [f=0000021] Warning: CLuaRules::Cob2Lua() missing function: TargetCheck defect minor BAR
#641 unit_spawner_defense uses Spring.GetGameSpeed defect major Chickens
#642 add dummy use of Script.LuaUI calls, since engine can't handle them not being used engine bug minor BA trunk
#644 mex upgrader nil error defect minor BA trunk
#646 spectator names/chat are not coloured in console defect minor BAR
#651 healthbars eats too much fps performance major BAR
#652 add indication of which are user/mod widgets to bar widget list enhancement minor BAR
#654 lua error in healthbars defect minor BAR
#658 hide map info text when zoomed out too far to read it enhancement minor BAR
#663 [f=0017933] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, Update, [Internal Lua error: Call failure] [string "LuaRules/Gadgets/api_opacity.lua"]:48: attempt to call upvalue 'spGetCameraPosition' (a nil value) defect major BA trunk
#665 health bars draw mangled defect major BAR
#667 UI element(s) offscreen task major BAR
#668 Check the sizes and scripts of all BAR units enhancement major BAR Beta release BAR
#670 widget to show which spec cursors/drawings are which enhancement minor BAR
#675 Command FX: buildings outline doesnt use unit rotation enhancement minor BAR
#677 Air transports picking up units with no subsequent orders will land engine bug minor BA trunk
#680 Can mis-click between the build-categories enhancement minor BAR
#684 lua error in factory_bar defect minor BAR
#685 share tracker and given units do the same job defect minor BAR
#686 Sometimes can't select units as a spectator defect major BAR
#692 chilify energy conversion info defect major BAR
#695 chilify com counter defect minor BAR
#697 chilify sharing window "h" screen defect major BAR
#699 BAR uniticondist and unitLODdist default to 0 defect major BAR Beta release Chili
#700 newbie info shows to specs if team 0 is autoplaced defect trivial BA trunk
#701 sInfo should go blank when cursor is outside of map defect trivial BAR
#702 Crash: [f=0000476] Fatal: LuaUI: cannot allocate more memory! (201327759 bytes already used, 201326592 bytes maximum) defect major BAR
#704 BAR: loading music enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#705 "resign and spectate" button is offered to spectators defect major BAR
#706 errors in infolog relating to optionMenu settings (i think) defect major BAR
#707 add e/m used unit info to sInfo enhancement minor BAR
#708 Icon generating gadget is broken in BAR defect major BAR
#710 bloom shader lua error defect major BAR
#712 bloom shader lua error defect major BAR
#713 F11 in options menu only closes it if 'interface' tab is selected enhancement major BAR Beta release Chili
#716 BAR launched with spring.exe spams "socket timed out" from bgu_open_hosts.lua:246 defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#718 resbars talk on load defect minor BAR
#719 ready button chili error on load defect minor BAR
#720 comcounter chili error defect major BAR
#723 piece missing for armcom defect major BAR
#724 can't type into option menu widget search textbox (97.0.1-216) defect minor Chili
#726 clean up widget titles defect major BAR
#727 add specfullview into iPanel of player list defect trivial BAR
#731 armamd is missing defect major BAR
#735 command icons.. the icons are too big (not the buttons) opinion minor BAR
#736 missing pieces for corgantuw defect major BAR
#738 hide API/debug widgets enhancement trivial BAR
#739 defence range doesn't handle fullscreen switch defect major BAR
#740 chili error when trying to enable a widget that unloads itself inside its own Initialize call defect minor BAR
#741 weapondefs_post modifier for crater radius + don't cause PFS-updates for tiny explosions defect major BA trunk
#743 los shader makes all radar dots grey when outside of los defect major BAR
#744 make sInfo display the amount of metal each mm is making enhancement major BAR
#745 missing chicken movedefs defect major BAR
#746 los shader radar extent is wrong defect major BAR
#747 cursor tooltip should give names of wrecks (but maybe not features in general) defect minor BAR
#750 optionMenu doesn't load values from springsettings.cfg (into gfx tab) defect major BAR
#751 What to do with weapon definitions in /weapons? defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#752 Chili texture handling question performance trivial Chili
#754 Cost of selected units is not displayed intuitively enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#755 Command buttons are too dark (possible bug in my setup?) defect major BAR
#756 command buttons should have a fixed order and highlight curently selected enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#757 Command button tooltips should have they keyboard shortcut appended to the tooltips enhancement minor BAR
#759 Factory sidebar icons have the text 'button' under them. defect minor BAR Beta release Chili
#760 The progress indicator on the factory sidebar doesnt look too pretty enhancement minor BAR
#763 The special ground plates under factories, Keep or remove? enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#764 Typemap speed modifiers invisible to users enhancement minor BAR Beta release Chili
#767 Select a default chili skin defect minor BAR Beta release Chili
#769 add take button to playerlist defect major BAR
#770 playerlist 'watch los' always sets same player los defect major BAR
#771 playerlist selecting 'ignore' made it crash defect major BAR
#772 tooltip sometimes doesnt update when over smenu defect major BAR
#773 commands fx nil error defect major BAR
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