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#330 coop mode and !joinas aren't compatible somebody defect major BA trunk
#397 BA Chicken : Request of BA 7.76 dependency - Errors report defect major BA trunk
#400 waypoint dragger caused engine to crash when exotic mouse buttons are pressed defect major BA trunk
#404 Floating Flakker skript causes hang/crash defect major BA trunk
#405 ARM t1 ConShip; some door-wheels move, some don't defect minor BA trunk
#406 colvols (in BA) for and armclaw cormaw don't get hit by some weapons defect major BA trunk
#407 implement /take2 [playerid] into advplayerlist to match cmd_imd_players Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#408 fix awards gadget error when unit is shared to non-human team (line 108) BLuestone defect major BA trunk
#412 nanoframe reclaim defect major BA trunk
#417 prepare for Bluestone defect critical BA trunk
#419 awards gadget errors on screen resize Bluestone defect minor BA trunk
#420 allycursors sometimes gets the colour wrong defect major BA trunk
#421 should round e/m remaining down to nearest int defect major BA trunk
#422 require effective use of resources award to have a minimum amount of resources defect major BA trunk
#424 pop up structures gadget has rare nil error on line 40 defect major BA trunk
#425 block advplayer list sending 'i took' messages more than once per sec defect major BA trunk
#426 tidy up advpllist Bluestone defect minor BA trunk
#427 awards gadget error defect major BA trunk
#428 advpllist can show specs that are not connected defect major BA trunk
#431 pitbulls and ambushers hitboxes are still too small when closed defect major BA trunk
#432 update messages.tdf to messages.lua defect minor BA trunk
#434 awards gadget errors if gaia fights defect minor BA trunk
#440 make chickens component opinion trivial BA trunk
#450 this site is slow as all fuck defect major BA trunk
#461 Configure lups not to draw effects on icons defect major BA trunk
#465 aircraft brakerates need attention defect critical BA trunk
#466 (test ticket) defect trivial BA trunk
#468 make unit tests enhancement major BA trunk
#469 test passability in StartPointAssist defect major BA trunk
#470 write backup startpoint guessing routine based on map metal profile Bluestone enhancement minor BA trunk
#471 comcounter is miscounting defect major BA trunk
#472 falling planes -> game end bug defect major BA trunk
#473 add some form of comblast range widget Bluestone enhancement major BA trunk
#474 hiding specs does not work in advpllist defect major BA trunk
#475 finished resuming message appears after timeout message defect minor BA trunk
#476 allycursors does lots of unnecsary stuff in drawworldpreunit enhancement minor BA trunk
#477 malfunction in mo_no_close_spawns defect major BA trunk
#483 destroyers cant hit rez subs defect major BA trunk
#491 set aimpoints for partially submerged units defect critical BA trunk
#497 subs can ignore move commands while attacking nixtux defect major BA trunk
#498 awards parsing for replay site defect major BA trunk
#502 Limit D-gun range modoption does not work Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#503 Nanos do not default to passive mode currently defect minor BA trunk
#507 very heavy microstuttering defect major BA trunk
#508 use spGetCommandQueue(unitID, -1, false) to check if queue is empty Bluestone defect minor BA trunk
#512 Impossible to kill water mines with torpedos defect major BA trunk
#514 defenserange seems to pick up on mobile units too.... beherith defect major BA trunk
#516 torps can't hit rezz boat defect major BA trunk
#517 all commanders are dead. Game is not ended defect major BA trunk
#520 Dominator missile flighttime is too low defect major BA trunk
#521 extend limit dgun to handle games without startboxes enhancement major BA trunk
#522 rez progres bars don't show reliably defect major BA trunk
#525 gpu memleak on viewresize in distortionFBO defect major BA trunk
#526 Subs not underwater defect minor BA trunk
#527 make idle_players recognize the 'initial queue' of a player if it was made by hand (i.e. not using the initial queue widget) enhancement major BA trunk
#530 make AI startpos work with 'choose before game' startpoints defect minor BA trunk
#531 coop startpoint guesser enhancement minor BA trunk
#532 FFA start point randomizer enhancement major BA trunk
#534 don't award warcow unless you won enhancement minor BA trunk
#538 don't show radar blips or allow targetting for transportees Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#539 initial queue enhancement minor BA trunk
#546 improve/remove the check on unit height Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#547 Additional teams info for adv player list enhancement minor BA trunk
#548 add awards scores to msg passed to replay site defect minor BA trunk
#550 newbie key info enhancement major BA trunk
#551 add indications for hall of fame + tourney winners Bluestone enhancement major BA trunk
#562 widget to display player count + type of other hosts to specs Bluestone enhancement major BA trunk
#566 check return types for callins, esp MouseMove defect major BA trunk
#578 Units move too slow when in the shallows defect minor BA trunk
#587 Sniper OPness opinion minor BA trunk
#590 mex upg again <3 defect minor BA trunk
#593 arm medium mines don't expode defect major BA trunk
#596 It's possible to be ready and not be shown green in the coloured list of playernames defect minor BA trunk
#597 Often list of ready/unready players does not fit onto screen defect minor BA trunk
#604 lua error from resizing in windowed mode defect minor BA trunk
#605 adv pl list doesn't recognize that game is in progress after luaui reload defect trivial BA trunk
#627 Game Starting in xxx seconds is wrong in replays Bluestone defect minor BA trunk
#628 make debris damage proportional to unit size/dps, for small units Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#630 Units can be closed/opened while emp'ed nixtux defect minor BA trunk
#642 add dummy use of Script.LuaUI calls, since engine can't handle them not being used engine bug minor BA trunk
#644 mex upgrader nil error defect minor BA trunk
#660 add global wg.opacity Bluestone enhancement minor BA trunk
#662 open hosts doesn't display chickens Bluestone defect minor BA trunk
#663 [f=0017933] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, Update, [Internal Lua error: Call failure] [string "LuaRules/Gadgets/api_opacity.lua"]:48: attempt to call upvalue 'spGetCameraPosition' (a nil value) defect major BA trunk
#674 Dont display DGun limit all the time Bluestone enhancement minor BAR Beta release BA trunk
#677 Air transports picking up units with no subsequent orders will land engine bug minor BA trunk
#700 newbie info shows to specs if team 0 is autoplaced defect trivial BA trunk
#741 weapondefs_post modifier for crater radius + don't cause PFS-updates for tiny explosions defect major BA trunk
#806 nil error in passive builders gadget defect major BA trunk
#815 mex upgrader nil error defect minor BA trunk
#816 j doesn't cancel target defect major BA trunk
#817 amph t3 lab should be buildable on steeper ground defect minor BA trunk
#824 BA "ready" button could be better visible enhancement major BA trunk
#825 replays desync if watched at game speed != 1 and a take occurs engine bug major BA trunk
#826 block insert cmds in stockpile control defect minor BA trunk
#828 all terrain units slip and slide on very steep cliffs while climbing defect minor BA trunk
#831 update open hosts host names defect major BA trunk
#838 mobile antinukes don't have a nuke icon defect minor BA trunk
#848 "LuaRules/Gadgets/unit_passive_builders.lua"]:237: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) defect major BA trunk
#849 ghost site draws visible wrecks defect minor BA trunk
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