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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#396 New chili cursors make cursors invisible when UI is hidden with f5 defect minor Chili
#400 waypoint dragger caused engine to crash when exotic mouse buttons are pressed defect major BA trunk
#402 Floating HLT is still old model defect minor BAR
#404 Floating Flakker skript causes hang/crash defect major BA trunk
#405 ARM t1 ConShip; some door-wheels move, some don't defect minor BA trunk
#406 colvols (in BA) for and armclaw cormaw don't get hit by some weapons defect major BA trunk
#410 nano turrents don't work defect critical BAR
#411 remove dynamic map lights (Kloot's version) and replace with deferred defect major BAR
#412 nanoframe reclaim defect major BA trunk
#413 Chili-Error in `BAR's funken build Menu`:menuBackground : [string "LuaUI/Widgets/gui_chili_funkenmenu.lua"]:65: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) defect major Chili
#420 allycursors sometimes gets the colour wrong defect major BA trunk
#421 should round e/m remaining down to nearest int defect major BA trunk
#422 require effective use of resources award to have a minimum amount of resources defect major BA trunk
#424 pop up structures gadget has rare nil error on line 40 defect major BA trunk
#425 block advplayer list sending 'i took' messages more than once per sec defect major BA trunk
#427 awards gadget error defect major BA trunk
#428 advpllist can show specs that are not connected defect major BA trunk
#431 pitbulls and ambushers hitboxes are still too small when closed defect major BA trunk
#432 update messages.tdf to messages.lua defect minor BA trunk
#434 awards gadget errors if gaia fights defect minor BA trunk
#436 BAR: add a storage amount to the resource bars defect major Chili
#437 BAR: show the number of units queued up in the build order menu defect major Chili
#438 BAR: side selection is bugged defect major BAR
#439 Music widget resets volume whenever it switches tracks defect major BAR
#440 make chickens component opinion trivial BA trunk
#441 tooltips for commands can be off the bottom of the screen defect major BAR
#442 too many menus menus for different types of buildable stuff defect minor BAR
#443 top left hand corner 'picture' tooltip box is still visible (but empty) when no unit is selected defect major BAR
#444 make m bar grey and e bar yellow enhancement major BAR
#445 twilight (arm t1 cloakable mex) is actually invisible defect minor BAR
#446 tooltip can't handle more than 9 unittypes at once defect minor BAR
#447 AreaAttack has no order pic ;) defect major BAR
#448 at most 5 unit settings can be displayed defect major BAR
#450 this site is slow as all fuck defect major BA trunk
#451 music volume is not loaded until just after music starts defect minor BAR
#453 console text is not cleared when its said defect major BAR
#454 console always shows last line said defect major BAR
#455 Cant share units to enemy teams - even with cheats on defect major BAR
#456 enabling widgets doesn't work defect major BAR
#457 merge chickens to ba:r task major BAR
#459 smenu doesn't handle factories (or combinations of facs) with more than 14 units defect major BAR
#460 Buildicons should be 256X256 sharpened DDS defect major BAR
#461 Configure lups not to draw effects on icons defect major BA trunk
#464 Stockpile missiles not available in Chili defect major Chili
#465 aircraft brakerates need attention defect critical BA trunk
#466 (test ticket) defect trivial BA trunk
#467 LOS shader things TODO/notes enhancement major BAR
#468 make unit tests enhancement major BA trunk
#469 test passability in StartPointAssist defect major BA trunk
#471 comcounter is miscounting defect major BA trunk
#472 falling planes -> game end bug defect major BA trunk
#474 hiding specs does not work in advpllist defect major BA trunk
#475 finished resuming message appears after timeout message defect minor BA trunk
#476 allycursors does lots of unnecsary stuff in drawworldpreunit enhancement minor BA trunk
#477 malfunction in mo_no_close_spawns defect major BA trunk
#482 middle click scroll is slow defect major BAR Beta release BAR
#483 destroyers cant hit rez subs defect major BA trunk
#485 Chili tooltip health bars flash when a unit construction is complete and the lab is selected defect minor Chili
#486 Chili build menu does not update while paused enhancement minor Chili
#491 set aimpoints for partially submerged units defect critical BA trunk
#492 BAR: Chili doesnt handle viewresize defect minor Chili
#493 Chili cursor tooltip flashes on and off (slowly) if the unit under the cursor is building something. defect minor Chili
#499 chickens has a few explosions with deprecated tags defect minor Chickens
#503 Nanos do not default to passive mode currently defect minor BA trunk
#504 gui_chili_funks_optionMenu.lua does huge string concats in widget:AddConsoleLine enhancement major BAR Beta release Chili
#505 Only show vrgrid if visible enhancement minor BAR
#506 Defenserange draws too much in DrawScreen defect major BAR
#507 very heavy microstuttering defect major BA trunk
#509 Widgets that dont fall into any category (wrong filename prefix) do no show up in f11 menu defect minor Chili
#510 Chili console has no support for up-down arrow previous and next message. enhancement minor Chili
#511 Make all sea structures rock in the waves. enhancement trivial BAR
#512 Impossible to kill water mines with torpedos defect major BA trunk
#516 torps can't hit rezz boat defect major BA trunk
#517 all commanders are dead. Game is not ended defect major BA trunk
#518 LUPS still has debug echoes in it defect major BAR
#520 Dominator missile flighttime is too low defect major BA trunk
#521 extend limit dgun to handle games without startboxes enhancement major BA trunk
#522 rez progres bars don't show reliably defect major BA trunk
#525 gpu memleak on viewresize in distortionFBO defect major BA trunk
#527 make idle_players recognize the 'initial queue' of a player if it was made by hand (i.e. not using the initial queue widget) enhancement major BA trunk
#530 make AI startpos work with 'choose before game' startpoints defect minor BA trunk
#531 coop startpoint guesser enhancement minor BA trunk
#533 Tree felling widget enhancement minor BAR
#534 don't award warcow unless you won enhancement minor BA trunk
#539 initial queue enhancement minor BA trunk
#542 Animate tank treads for all tanks enhancement minor BAR
#544 issuing an order on Chili menu results in a small lag spike. defect major Chili
#547 Additional teams info for adv player list enhancement minor BA trunk
#548 add awards scores to msg passed to replay site defect minor BA trunk
#550 newbie key info enhancement major BA trunk
#552 no music defect major BAR
#553 units vanish on /luarules disable enhancement critical BAR
#558 Chili minimap too dark defect major BAR Beta release Chili
#560 Make Tooltip unit types clickable. enhancement minor BAR Beta release Chili
#561 Chili options menu can only be shown by pressing the menu button (cant be hidden) enhancement minor BAR Beta release Chili
#566 check return types for callins, esp MouseMove defect major BA trunk
#576 Credits page enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#577 Some units (like maverick, hammer) lack muzzle flashes defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#578 Units move too slow when in the shallows defect minor BA trunk
#580 Fog Of War seems defective defect major BAR
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