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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#65 Very Crappy Effects - add them here as comments! somebody defect minor BAR
#111 Invulnerable aircrafts somebody defect major component1
#122 morties shoot eath other when clumped somebody defect major component1
#128 fix !joinas somebody defect major component1
#168 hotkeys loadscreen has z and z switched somebody defect minor component1
#348 make adv player list position relative to bottom right of screen somebody enhancement minor component1
#433 gui_awards.lua crashes on wondow resize defect major BA trunk
#481 los shader sppears wrong for specs defect major BAR
#487 Chili console only shows the last line of chat, and it shows that indefinitely defect minor Chili
#488 3 columns in chili build menu with the default tab containing 'ALL' enhancement minor Chili
#495 Zooming in to a construction project drops the FPS by a large degree defect major BAR
#565 Chilify awards screen and add to main menu as tab at end, also chilify advpllist, comcounter and lock camera defect minor BAR Beta release Chili
#584 can't tell cloakble arm fus icon from normal arm fus icon defect minor BAR
#598 Mercury lights are overkill. opinion minor BAR
#599 Some unit lights are a bit too much opinion major BAR
#601 Cant rotate buildings defect minor BAR
#608 ground faction icons drawn at startpoints use the wrong callin/belnding mode defect major BAR
#609 command icons don't show which command is currently selected defect trivial BAR
#616 fancy unit spotter doesn't work with 96+ defect minor BAR
#618 Make Chili gfx option toggle for (console cmd) /allycursors_names task minor BAR
#629 Units can be closed/opened while emp'ed defect minor BA trunk
#640 Thoughts about some unit models opinion trivial BAR
#672 healthbars lua error defect major BAR
#709 mex upgrader lua error defect major BAR
#862 Separate logging from chat opinion trivial BAR
#863 Missing icons for some units defect minor BAR
#866 Chat entry goes off its container defect minor BAR
#887 Balanced Annihilation test-3709: [SetUnitTarget()]: unit tried to attack itself () defect major BA trunk
#914 migrate to git(hub) ? beherith task minor Infrastructure
#1104 Bar construction progress is blicking defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1125 bgu_sInfo.lua crashes with unit outside of BAR defect minor BAR
#1132 LuaUI/Widgets/gui_chicken.lua"]:309: attempt to concatenate field '?' (a nil value) defect minor BAR
#1133 Screenshots : Not always a return in the console that it has been made defect major Chili
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