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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#368 aircraft can't land on sea antinuke somebody defect major component1
#385 BAR: hard to see planes when they fly out of the map somebody defect major component1
#401 feature reclaim anim causes lag defect major BA trunk
#430 awards gadget buttons don't respond to click for some people Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#435 Some GUI widgets do not appear at the position I moved them last game defect major BA trunk
#494 Zooming in to a construction project drops the FPS by a large degree defect major BAR
#523 Reduce arm texture2 size and check if it still looks ok defect major BAR
#681 problem with [2610] engine bug major BAR
#784 Engine bug?: Units stop before getting close enough to build engine bug major BAR Beta release BAR
#827 antinuke selection is non-optimal engine bug major BA trunk
#851 redui doesn't handle screen resizes for some people defect major BA trunk
#884 Joinas prevention doesn't work defect major BA trunk
#948 Features above a certain (small) height do not cast shadows engine bug major BAR Beta release BAR
#1030 give all results in invisible units defect major BAR Beta release BAR
#1075 terrain shadows are disfigured defect major BAR Beta release BAR
#529 dl can go underneath their target defect minor BA trunk
#568 kill crashing aircraft if they go too high/outside of map defect minor BA trunk
#569 lua error in buildbar defect minor BA trunk
#612 Music enhancement minor BAR
#657 two self destruct icons are displayed at once defect minor BAR
#847 build etas show through terrain defect minor BA trunk
#850 MCAI chickens error engine bug minor Chickens
#872 Command sounds played when issuing multiple at the same time defect minor BAR
#874 Change camera zoom maximum opinion minor BAR
#966 ProjectileDestroyed widget side callin enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#1028 sInfo doesn't display feature preview pics defect minor BAR
#1061 smooth cam widget doesn't work defect minor BAR
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