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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#644 mex upgrader nil error defect minor BA trunk
#646 spectator names/chat are not coloured in console defect minor BAR
#647 enemy spotter makes units too shiny Bluestone defect minor BAR
#652 add indication of which are user/mod widgets to bar widget list enhancement minor BAR
#654 lua error in healthbars defect minor BAR
#657 two self destruct icons are displayed at once defect minor BAR
#658 hide map info text when zoomed out too far to read it enhancement minor BAR
#660 add global wg.opacity Bluestone enhancement minor BA trunk
#662 open hosts doesn't display chickens Bluestone defect minor BA trunk
#666 UI scaling for very large screens task minor BAR
#669 Healthbars - resurrection bars wont always show up defect minor BAR
#670 widget to show which spec cursors/drawings are which enhancement minor BAR
#674 Dont display DGun limit all the time Bluestone enhancement minor BAR Beta release BA trunk
#675 Command FX: buildings outline doesnt use unit rotation enhancement minor BAR
#676 Unit description / unit name disparity Bluestone enhancement minor BAR
#677 Air transports picking up units with no subsequent orders will land engine bug minor BA trunk
#678 Maverick is has a bad body/turret turnrate opinion minor BA trunk
#680 Can mis-click between the build-categories enhancement minor BAR
#682 indicate which settings in optionmenu require a restart to be applied defect minor BAR
#683 merge ba and bar comblast_dgun_range Bluestone task minor BAR
#684 lua error in factory_bar defect minor BAR
#685 share tracker and given units do the same job defect minor BAR
#687 integrate volume -/+ control and music player volume control Bluestone defect minor BAR
#695 chilify com counter defect minor BAR
#698 replace auto_build_spacing and auto_build_facing with a single widet/gadget defect minor BAR
#703 chilify newbie info Bluestone defect minor BAR
#704 BAR: loading music enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#707 add e/m used unit info to sInfo enhancement minor BAR
#716 BAR launched with spring.exe spams "socket timed out" from bgu_open_hosts.lua:246 defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#718 resbars talk on load defect minor BAR
#719 ready button chili error on load defect minor BAR
#721 Deferred rendering makes healthbars a bit more transparant defect minor BAR
#722 Deferred rendering interferes with lups (-> update lups) beherith defect minor BAR
#724 can't type into option menu widget search textbox (97.0.1-216) defect minor Chili
#725 chilify select trim colour beherith defect minor BAR
#733 remove BombsAway function from bomber COB scripts nixtux defect minor BAR
#734 Create a new chili class that accepts UV coordinates for images. beherith enhancement minor BAR
#735 command icons.. the icons are too big (not the buttons) opinion minor BAR
#740 chili error when trying to enable a widget that unloads itself inside its own Initialize call defect minor BAR
#742 standalone weapon defs don't pass through _post defect minor BA trunk
#747 cursor tooltip should give names of wrecks (but maybe not features in general) defect minor BAR
#749 armmex creates wreck for old model defect minor BAR
#751 What to do with weapon definitions in /weapons? defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#753 Progress of stuff being built is not visible on sidebar enhancement minor BAR
#754 Cost of selected units is not displayed intuitively enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#756 command buttons should have a fixed order and highlight curently selected enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#757 Command button tooltips should have they keyboard shortcut appended to the tooltips enhancement minor BAR
#758 desaturate airlos without radar beherith enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#759 Factory sidebar icons have the text 'button' under them. defect minor BAR Beta release Chili
#760 The progress indicator on the factory sidebar doesnt look too pretty enhancement minor BAR
#762 sometimes bloom is too bright beherith defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#763 The special ground plates under factories, Keep or remove? enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#764 Typemap speed modifiers invisible to users enhancement minor BAR Beta release Chili
#765 write widget to display the contents of selected transports Bluestone enhancement minor BAR
#766 armatlas tops are too light colored; excessive bloom. beherith enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#767 Select a default chili skin defect minor BAR Beta release Chili
#768 add luaui cmds (or gui) to widget for Sereiya Bluestone task minor BAR
#775 defence range nil error defect minor BAR
#779 playerlist error when no known country defect minor BAR
#781 Last line of chat is not shown if after gamestart you dont scroll on chat panel defect minor BAR Beta release Chili
#785 Console tex entry box doesnt wrap long text enhancement minor BAR
#786 Selection menu crash defect minor BAR Beta release Chili
#788 console slows down if it is given _very_ heavy spam defect minor BAR
#789 Music transitions are too sharp when changing conflict types defect minor BAR
#792 sInfo should contain more info about units Bluestone enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#797 Code:blocks howto? Bluestone enhancement minor BAR
#799 chicken progenitor lua error defect minor BAR
#804 Chillify defense range UI - or move it into options menu defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#808 add buttor for /clearmapmarks somewhere Bluestone enhancement minor BAR
#810 add interface for mutelist enhancement minor BAR
#811 add luaui reset buttons & similar from BA enhancement minor BAR
#815 mex upgrader nil error defect minor BA trunk
#817 amph t3 lab should be buildable on steeper ground defect minor BA trunk
#818 beep sound when ignored players chat defect minor BA trunk
#826 block insert cmds in stockpile control defect minor BA trunk
#828 all terrain units slip and slide on very steep cliffs while climbing defect minor BA trunk
#829 left team had no coms but game didnt stop (1hour 30 min game) defect minor BA trunk
#833 tooltip hides behind minimap defect minor BAR
#838 mobile antinukes don't have a nuke icon defect minor BA trunk
#839 replace all bos scripts with lua task minor BAR
#847 build etas show through terrain defect minor BA trunk
#849 ghost site draws visible wrecks defect minor BA trunk
#850 MCAI chickens error engine bug minor Chickens
#854 dont show icon on zoom out for walls defect minor BA trunk
#858 com name tags widget shows wrong name after substitution defect minor BA trunk
#859 healthbars shader interferes with lups defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#860 toaster can't be ressurected defect minor BA trunk
#861 make smenu handle re-selection spam defect minor BAR
#863 Missing icons for some units defect minor BAR
#865 Loadscreens enhancement minor BAR
#866 Chat entry goes off its container defect minor BAR
#867 Hotkeys should be displayed over the top of the tiles in the build menu opinion minor BAR
#868 Hotkey combinations for all units opinion minor BAR
#872 Command sounds played when issuing multiple at the same time defect minor BAR
#873 Chili opinion minor Chili
#874 Change camera zoom maximum opinion minor BAR
#876 [f=0000309] Error: could not find a parser for model "2x2a" (unknown format?) defect minor BAR
#883 bake slow update fix after 99.0 defect minor BA trunk
#888 warnings about old tags defect minor BA trunk
#905 console window gets chat lines positions mangled on screen resize defect minor BAR
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