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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#402 Floating HLT is still old model defect minor BAR
#405 ARM t1 ConShip; some door-wheels move, some don't defect minor BA trunk
#419 awards gadget errors on screen resize Bluestone defect minor BA trunk
#426 tidy up advpllist Bluestone defect minor BA trunk
#429 in specfullview lockcamera only sees team of spectated player defect minor BA trunk
#432 update messages.tdf to messages.lua defect minor BA trunk
#434 awards gadget errors if gaia fights defect minor BA trunk
#442 too many menus menus for different types of buildable stuff defect minor BAR
#445 twilight (arm t1 cloakable mex) is actually invisible defect minor BAR
#446 tooltip can't handle more than 9 unittypes at once defect minor BAR
#449 crash involving waypoint dragger and unusual mouse buttons defect minor BA trunk
#451 music volume is not loaded until just after music starts defect minor BAR
#470 write backup startpoint guessing routine based on map metal profile Bluestone enhancement minor BA trunk
#475 finished resuming message appears after timeout message defect minor BA trunk
#476 allycursors does lots of unnecsary stuff in drawworldpreunit enhancement minor BA trunk
#478 ARM t1 Geo animates before construction is finsiched defect minor BAR
#479 No Cloaking visuals for ARM Twilight defect minor BAR
#484 Prevent players from choosing start points on unpassable terrain for commanders enhancement minor BA trunk
#485 Chili tooltip health bars flash when a unit construction is complete and the lab is selected defect minor Chili
#486 Chili build menu does not update while paused enhancement minor Chili
#487 Chili console only shows the last line of chat, and it shows that indefinitely defect minor Chili
#488 3 columns in chili build menu with the default tab containing 'ALL' enhancement minor Chili
#490 UI elements everywhere over the screen defect minor BAR
#492 BAR: Chili doesnt handle viewresize defect minor Chili
#493 Chili cursor tooltip flashes on and off (slowly) if the unit under the cursor is building something. defect minor Chili
#499 chickens has a few explosions with deprecated tags defect minor Chickens
#503 Nanos do not default to passive mode currently defect minor BA trunk
#505 Only show vrgrid if visible enhancement minor BAR
#508 use spGetCommandQueue(unitID, -1, false) to check if queue is empty Bluestone defect minor BA trunk
#509 Widgets that dont fall into any category (wrong filename prefix) do no show up in f11 menu defect minor Chili
#510 Chili console has no support for up-down arrow previous and next message. enhancement minor Chili
#515 A simple gadget request Bluestone enhancement minor BAR
#526 Subs not underwater defect minor BA trunk
#528 Reduce the number of table creations to make less garbage enhancement minor BA trunk
#529 dl can go underneath their target defect minor BA trunk
#530 make AI startpos work with 'choose before game' startpoints defect minor BA trunk
#531 coop startpoint guesser enhancement minor BA trunk
#533 Tree felling widget enhancement minor BAR
#534 don't award warcow unless you won enhancement minor BA trunk
#539 initial queue enhancement minor BA trunk
#540 mission maps beherith enhancement minor BAR
#541 Reverse angles in HitByWeapon() cob callins beherith defect minor BAR
#542 Animate tank treads for all tanks enhancement minor BAR
#547 Additional teams info for adv player list enhancement minor BA trunk
#548 add awards scores to msg passed to replay site defect minor BA trunk
#549 playernames can be too long for awards gadget defect minor BA trunk
#554 Trim color broken after 1600 defect minor BAR
#556 update BAC dep. on BA to 7.90 task minor Chickens
#557 factory mode for units that build units enhancement minor BA trunk
#559 Chili Funk's Selection menu takes 30 mb lua-ram enhancement minor BAR Beta release Chili
#560 Make Tooltip unit types clickable. enhancement minor BAR Beta release Chili
#561 Chili options menu can only be shown by pressing the menu button (cant be hidden) enhancement minor BAR Beta release Chili
#563 Hide all empty pieces in COB:Create() beherith enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#564 Separate tips and game title from current loadpictures enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#565 Chilify awards screen and add to main menu as tab at end, also chilify advpllist, comcounter and lock camera defect minor BAR Beta release Chili
#567 test anon ticket enhancement minor BAR Beta release BA trunk
#568 kill crashing aircraft if they go too high/outside of map defect minor BA trunk
#569 lua error in buildbar defect minor BA trunk
#570 targetting priorities Bluestone enhancement minor BA trunk
#576 Credits page enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#577 Some units (like maverick, hammer) lack muzzle flashes defect minor BAR Beta release BAR
#578 Units move too slow when in the shallows defect minor BA trunk
#581 some commands are missing icons defect minor BAR
#583 information in buildconfig.lua could be autogenerated defect minor BAR
#584 can't tell cloakble arm fus icon from normal arm fus icon defect minor BAR
#586 rez progress bars only show when zoomed far in defect minor BA trunk
#587 Sniper OPness opinion minor BA trunk
#589 Chili build menu needs cost and name in tooltip. enhancement minor BAR Beta release Chili
#590 mex upg again <3 defect minor BA trunk
#596 It's possible to be ready and not be shown green in the coloured list of playernames defect minor BA trunk
#597 Often list of ready/unready players does not fit onto screen defect minor BA trunk
#598 Mercury lights are overkill. opinion minor BAR
#600 Footprints of various units are too small opinion minor BAR
#601 Cant rotate buildings defect minor BAR
#602 Icon-height keeps changing Funkencool defect minor BAR
#604 lua error from resizing in windowed mode defect minor BA trunk
#606 Separate decal type: unit tracks, from the others? opinion minor BA trunk
#607 many widget options are not integrated to gui defect minor BAR
#611 choose faction widget does not always detect gamestart defect minor BAR
#612 Music enhancement minor BAR
#613 Reclaim area circle is not smooth enhancement minor BA trunk
#614 Integrate from BAR into BA: Ally Cursors task minor BA trunk
#615 fancy_selected_units eats too much fps + doesn't draw anything Floris defect minor BAR
#616 fancy unit spotter doesn't work with 96+ defect minor BAR
#618 Make Chili gfx option toggle for (console cmd) /allycursors_names task minor BAR
#619 Fancy Selected Units - some units flash when others disappear defect minor BAR
#620 Rezbot/reclaim/assist range circle is not smooth defect minor BA trunk
#622 Add a flashing button to leave FPS view if FPS view is active enhancement minor BAR Beta release BAR
#625 un-buildable units are displayed in smenu defect minor BAR
#626 Wierd weapon reload visuals defect minor BAR
#627 Game Starting in xxx seconds is wrong in replays Bluestone defect minor BA trunk
#629 Units can be closed/opened while emp'ed defect minor BA trunk
#630 Units can be closed/opened while emp'ed nixtux defect minor BA trunk
#632 resigning before the game starts defect minor BA trunk
#635 healthbars eats perf when not drawing any bars Bluestone performance minor BA trunk
#636 short hang on first gameframe performance minor BAR
#637 [f=0000021] Warning: CLuaRules::Cob2Lua() missing function: TargetCheck defect minor BAR
#638 [UnitScript] Error: Invalid piecenumber for emit-sfx (in scripts/armmine2.cob:FireWeapon1 at 27) nixtux defect minor BAR
#642 add dummy use of Script.LuaUI calls, since engine can't handle them not being used engine bug minor BA trunk
#643 chickens gui hides comcounter defect minor Chickens
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