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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#430 awards gadget buttons don't respond to click for some people Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#431 pitbulls and ambushers hitboxes are still too small when closed defect major BA trunk
#433 gui_awards.lua crashes on wondow resize defect major BA trunk
#435 Some GUI widgets do not appear at the position I moved them last game defect major BA trunk
#436 BAR: add a storage amount to the resource bars defect major Chili
#437 BAR: show the number of units queued up in the build order menu defect major Chili
#438 BAR: side selection is bugged defect major BAR
#439 Music widget resets volume whenever it switches tracks defect major BAR
#441 tooltips for commands can be off the bottom of the screen defect major BAR
#443 top left hand corner 'picture' tooltip box is still visible (but empty) when no unit is selected defect major BAR
#444 make m bar grey and e bar yellow enhancement major BAR
#447 AreaAttack has no order pic ;) defect major BAR
#448 at most 5 unit settings can be displayed defect major BAR
#450 this site is slow as all fuck defect major BA trunk
#452 ba:r widget handler is very odd Bluestone defect major BAR
#453 console text is not cleared when its said defect major BAR
#454 console always shows last line said defect major BAR
#455 Cant share units to enemy teams - even with cheats on defect major BAR
#456 enabling widgets doesn't work defect major BAR
#457 merge chickens to ba:r task major BAR
#458 huge pause +memleak when selecting lots of different unit types Bluestone defect major Chili
#459 smenu doesn't handle factories (or combinations of facs) with more than 14 units defect major BAR
#460 Buildicons should be 256X256 sharpened DDS defect major BAR
#461 Configure lups not to draw effects on icons defect major BA trunk
#463 Cant set gamespeed ingame defect major BAR
#464 Stockpile missiles not available in Chili defect major Chili
#467 LOS shader things TODO/notes enhancement major BAR
#468 make unit tests enhancement major BA trunk
#469 test passability in StartPointAssist defect major BA trunk
#471 comcounter is miscounting defect major BA trunk
#472 falling planes -> game end bug defect major BA trunk
#473 add some form of comblast range widget Bluestone enhancement major BA trunk
#474 hiding specs does not work in advpllist defect major BA trunk
#477 malfunction in mo_no_close_spawns defect major BA trunk
#480 chat shows twice defect major BAR
#481 los shader sppears wrong for specs defect major BAR
#482 middle click scroll is slow defect major BAR Beta release BAR
#483 destroyers cant hit rez subs defect major BA trunk
#494 Zooming in to a construction project drops the FPS by a large degree defect major BAR
#495 Zooming in to a construction project drops the FPS by a large degree defect major BAR
#496 Combomb w/ T1 trans quite possible defect major BA trunk
#497 subs can ignore move commands while attacking nixtux defect major BA trunk
#498 awards parsing for replay site defect major BA trunk
#502 Limit D-gun range modoption does not work Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#504 gui_chili_funks_optionMenu.lua does huge string concats in widget:AddConsoleLine enhancement major BAR Beta release Chili
#506 Defenserange draws too much in DrawScreen defect major BAR
#507 very heavy microstuttering defect major BA trunk
#512 Impossible to kill water mines with torpedos defect major BA trunk
#514 defenserange seems to pick up on mobile units too.... beherith defect major BA trunk
#516 torps can't hit rezz boat defect major BA trunk
#517 all commanders are dead. Game is not ended defect major BA trunk
#518 LUPS still has debug echoes in it defect major BAR
#519 commanders are dead and game is not ended 2 defect major BA trunk
#520 Dominator missile flighttime is too low defect major BA trunk
#521 extend limit dgun to handle games without startboxes enhancement major BA trunk
#522 rez progres bars don't show reliably defect major BA trunk
#523 Reduce arm texture2 size and check if it still looks ok defect major BAR
#525 gpu memleak on viewresize in distortionFBO defect major BA trunk
#527 make idle_players recognize the 'initial queue' of a player if it was made by hand (i.e. not using the initial queue widget) enhancement major BA trunk
#532 FFA start point randomizer enhancement major BA trunk
#535 smart nanos has a lua error defect major Chickens
#538 don't show radar blips or allow targetting for transportees Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#544 issuing an order on Chili menu results in a small lag spike. defect major Chili
#545 Remove los shader and bloom shader if there is no deferred path available. beherith defect major BAR Beta release BAR
#546 improve/remove the check on unit height Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#550 newbie key info enhancement major BA trunk
#551 add indications for hall of fame + tourney winners Bluestone enhancement major BA trunk
#552 no music defect major BAR
#555 gui_chili_funks_optionMenu.lua always visible, f11 doesnt work. Funkencool defect major BAR Beta release Chili
#558 Chili minimap too dark defect major BAR Beta release Chili
#562 widget to display player count + type of other hosts to specs Bluestone enhancement major BA trunk
#566 check return types for callins, esp MouseMove defect major BA trunk
#571 Minimap clicks only move the widget defect major BAR
#572 Moving widgets with simple right click and drag is not good opinion major BAR
#573 Buildmenu icon bugs defect major BAR
#575 Get your priorities fixed enhancement major BA trunk
#580 Fog Of War seems defective defect major BAR
#582 console ignore (filters out unwanted engine stuff) is missing defect major BAR
#588 Chilli UI oddness - default ui looks enhancement major BAR Beta release Chili
#591 gui_chili_funks_console.lua StackPanel spikes CPU when there are many messages in console defect major BAR Beta release Chili
#592 BAR static lua gadget load doubles in latest engine-develop defect major BAR Beta release BAR
#593 arm medium mines don't expode defect major BA trunk
#594 chickens modoptions need updating defect major Chickens
#595 chickens font is odd, characters too close together defect major Chickens
#599 Some unit lights are a bit too much opinion major BAR
#603 BAR - Gimp is borked defect major BAR
#608 ground faction icons drawn at startpoints use the wrong callin/belnding mode defect major BAR
#617 Clickign on 'graphics' in f11 menu: chili main menu errored defect major BAR
#623 commands fx bugs Floris defect major BAR
#624 los shader lua error defect major BAR
#628 make debris damage proportional to unit size/dps, for small units Bluestone defect major BA trunk
#631 armfus has ridiculous small hitbox, or other similar problem defect major BAR
#633 gl.Unit() will stop render with lups fx in view defect major BAR
#634 buildbar widget shows wrong pictures + eats fps defect major BAR
#641 unit_spawner_defense uses Spring.GetGameSpeed defect major Chickens
#648 enemy spotter eats too much fps Bluestone performance major BAR
#649 smart select means chili eats too much perf when dragging over 20+ units performance major BAR
#650 build_eta eats too much fps performance major BAR
#651 healthbars eats too much fps performance major BAR
#653 comblast_dgun_range displays nothing defect major BAR
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