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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#761 remove the individual los/bloom widgets beherith task trivial BAR Beta release BAR
#807 Spring restarter debug widget enhancement trivial BAR
#814 healthbars & commandsfx don't hide on f5 defect trivial BAR
#819 use human friendly names for chickens difficulty settings defect trivial Chickens
#820 remove uw from unitname of floating mmkr defect trivial BAR
#856 revert to previous version of cmd_idle_players for 99.0 defect trivial BA trunk
#862 Separate logging from chat opinion trivial BAR
#864 Hide essential widgets opinion trivial BAR
#869 Command Icons opinion trivial BAR
#870 Map info in top left opinion trivial BAR
#871 Music information opinion trivial BAR
#889 bogus ceg name defect trivial BAR
#890 duplicate corgripn_bomb in weapondefs ??! defect trivial BA trunk
#901 rename armuwmmm and coruwmmm to armfmmm and corfmmm defect trivial BAR
#921 awards gadget tries to use gui shader via WG - gadgets do not have access to WG so it's dead code defect trivial BA trunk
#923 don't load initial queue and faction change when not required Bluestone defect trivial BAR
#933 split credits tab out from main menu widget into own file task trivial BAR
#934 make graphics tab use both sides, left for sliders, right for checkboxes enhancement trivial BAR
#935 split general tab into "help" and "game info" tabs defect trivial BAR
#936 bgu_tooltip shows a tiny empty window if you luaui reload with mouse over a unit Bluestone defect trivial BAR
#958 Active/passive, land/fly, land at 30/50/80 buttons not updating immediately. enhancement trivial BAR Beta release BAR
#959 sMenu doesn't display build queue of enemy units in /godmode defect trivial BAR
#970 text on health bars is aligned badly defect trivial BA trunk
#999 chonsole suggestion overlapping defect trivial BAR Beta release BAR
#1020 [f=0014571] LuaUI TweakMode: ON [f=0014571] Warning: Couldn't find texture "LuaUI/Widgets/chili/skins/default/tweak_overlay.png"! [f=0014828] LuaUI TweakMode: OFF defect trivial BAR
#1067 minimap doesn't flip when camera is flipped defect trivial BAR
#1089 luarules loadmissiles doesn't work for units on the opposing team defect trivial BAR
#1098 sInfo darkens the build pic too much enhancement trivial BAR Beta release BAR
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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