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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#10 luarules/gadgets/lups_shockwaves.lua somebody defect trivial component1
#13 lXMBPR somebody task trivial component2
#14 Broken dooomsday's machine anim somebody defect trivial component1
#58 BAR - res bar movement somebody enhancement trivial component1
#68 when i edit maps with springmapedit they go blocky on only a short zoom out somebody defect trivial component1
#75 (useless spam advertising) somebody enhancement trivial component1
#135 enemyspotter vs teamplatter somebody defect trivial component1
#329 attack_aoe lua bug somebody defect trivial component1
#440 make chickens component opinion trivial BA trunk
#466 (test ticket) defect trivial BA trunk
#489 startscreen with the text box doesn't deliver defect trivial BAR
#500 Changing game speed only shows highest/lowest speed when changing direction defect trivial BAR
#501 Juggernaut's left most small laser can move full 360 degrees, other lasers can't defect trivial BAR
#511 Make all sea structures rock in the waves. enhancement trivial BAR
#574 Disable the clock when in windowed mode enhancement trivial BAR
#585 smenu makes some keys stop working defect trivial BAR
#605 adv pl list doesn't recognize that game is in progress after luaui reload defect trivial BA trunk
#609 command icons don't show which command is currently selected defect trivial BAR
#610 volume widget saves settings in wrong location defect trivial BA trunk
#621 BAR: additional mutator friendly models? opinion trivial BAR
#639 chickens don't offer state/cmd buttons enhancement trivial BAR
#640 Thoughts about some unit models opinion trivial BAR
#700 newbie info shows to specs if team 0 is autoplaced defect trivial BA trunk
#701 sInfo should go blank when cursor is outside of map defect trivial BAR
#727 add specfullview into iPanel of player list defect trivial BAR
#738 hide API/debug widgets enhancement trivial BAR
#752 Chili texture handling question performance trivial Chili
#761 remove the individual los/bloom widgets beherith task trivial BAR Beta release BAR
#807 Spring restarter debug widget enhancement trivial BAR
#814 healthbars & commandsfx don't hide on f5 defect trivial BAR
#819 use human friendly names for chickens difficulty settings defect trivial Chickens
#820 remove uw from unitname of floating mmkr defect trivial BAR
#856 revert to previous version of cmd_idle_players for 99.0 defect trivial BA trunk
#862 Separate logging from chat opinion trivial BAR
#864 Hide essential widgets opinion trivial BAR
#869 Command Icons opinion trivial BAR
#870 Map info in top left opinion trivial BAR
#871 Music information opinion trivial BAR
#889 bogus ceg name defect trivial BAR
#890 duplicate corgripn_bomb in weapondefs ??! defect trivial BA trunk
#901 rename armuwmmm and coruwmmm to armfmmm and corfmmm defect trivial BAR
#921 awards gadget tries to use gui shader via WG - gadgets do not have access to WG so it's dead code defect trivial BA trunk
#923 don't load initial queue and faction change when not required Bluestone defect trivial BAR
#933 split credits tab out from main menu widget into own file task trivial BAR
#934 make graphics tab use both sides, left for sliders, right for checkboxes enhancement trivial BAR
#935 split general tab into "help" and "game info" tabs defect trivial BAR
#936 bgu_tooltip shows a tiny empty window if you luaui reload with mouse over a unit Bluestone defect trivial BAR
#958 Active/passive, land/fly, land at 30/50/80 buttons not updating immediately. enhancement trivial BAR Beta release BAR
#959 sMenu doesn't display build queue of enemy units in /godmode defect trivial BAR
#970 text on health bars is aligned badly defect trivial BA trunk
#999 chonsole suggestion overlapping defect trivial BAR Beta release BAR
#1020 [f=0014571] LuaUI TweakMode: ON [f=0014571] Warning: Couldn't find texture "LuaUI/Widgets/chili/skins/default/tweak_overlay.png"! [f=0014828] LuaUI TweakMode: OFF defect trivial BAR
#1067 minimap doesn't flip when camera is flipped defect trivial BAR
#1089 luarules loadmissiles doesn't work for units on the opposing team defect trivial BAR
#1098 sInfo darkens the build pic too much enhancement trivial BAR Beta release BAR
#18 Per piece colvols on vulcan dont work somebody defect minor component1
#29 AK model somebody task minor component1
#32 Air transports struggle picking up units somebody defect minor component1
#39 BAR - T3 Size issues somebody defect minor BAR
#40 T2 Kbot lab closes after each built unit even if there is a queue somebody defect minor component1
#41 Intruder is borky somebody defect minor component1
#43 T1 and T2 Exploiters don't fire somebody defect minor component1
#44 BAR - Nukes take too long to fire? somebody defect minor component1
#46 Inefficient Screamers somebody defect minor component1
#47 FPS mode problems somebody defect minor component1
#48 Initial queue does not orientate buildings to face center of map somebody enhancement minor component1
#49 factory assist widget overrides user somebody defect minor component1
#53 T1/T2 cons too similar somebody defect minor component1
#54 Buzzsaw sometimes won't fire over a small hill somebody defect minor component1
#55 BAR - Toaster (heavy plasma cannon (T2 guardian)) animation bug somebody defect minor BAR
#62 roost asteroid visuals are not working as it should somebody defect minor BAR
#64 Normal mapping is unavailabe on cloakable units somebody defect minor component1
#65 Very Crappy Effects - add them here as comments! somebody defect minor BAR
#67 Core storm animation sometimes stop somebody defect minor component1
#69 BAR - 'control tower' building for missions somebody task minor component1
#70 feature map needing colour conversion white -> blue somebody task minor component1
#76 Technology's Solution for Writing Problems somebody defect minor component1
#78 BAR - Core's advanced solar collector don't rotates to Sun somebody defect minor component1
#79 Dive some air units after destroying somebody defect minor component1
#84 t1 subs can't target closeby somebody defect minor component1
#93 Remove reload bars from crashing bombers somebody defect minor component1
#97 use smooth font (same as in healthbars) for rendering points/markers somebody enhancement minor BAR
#105 Beherith, merge the projectile lights widget from XTA into BA somebody task minor component1
#113 decoy com explosion is tiny somebody defect minor component1
#116 When spectating, in specfullview you still see all players cursor position. somebody defect minor component1
#117 Sharks Teeth Don't Float somebody defect minor component1
#119 age old ati issues somebody engine bug minor BA trunk
#120 test if commando hotfix can be removed somebody defect minor component1
#124 decals and dynamic lighting can be seen outside of los somebody defect minor component1
#129 overcraft take see-mine into account to compute their pathing and avoid them. somebody defect minor component1
#130 overcraft take see-mine into account to compute their pathing and avoid them. somebody defect minor component1
#131 when a player quits FFA to rejoin, or he crashes, he die and all his units are transform to metal somebody defect minor component1
#168 hotkeys loadscreen has z and z switched somebody defect minor component1
#314 Upgrade Trac to 1.0 and install SpamFilter somebody enhancement minor component1
#320 make context build remember its unit (?) somebody defect minor component1
#321 customformations line draws slightly out of place somebody defect minor component1
#332 unit initial queue gives a lua error in singeplayer mode somebody defect minor component1
#334 Improve redui build menu page allocation somebody defect minor component1
#337 would be nice to hvae a gadget that gives a command to reset mod widgets to default enabled/disabled settings somebody enhancement minor component1
#348 make adv player list position relative to bottom right of screen somebody enhancement minor component1
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