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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#344 create widget gui for spads voting new enhancement major
#645 replace CEGs &/ write lua replacement for defaultexplosiongenerator new task major
#694 chilify awards screen new Funkencool defect major
#822 create corsok/armlun models & add unitdefs new defect major
#913 not possible to make start boxes in singleplayer mode -> can't control burrow placement new defect major
#916 rapid support new task major
#1005 update transports and implement per unit def unloading assigned Bluestone enhancement major
#1041 need a way to ignore units injected by mutators new defect major
#1042 awards nil error new defect major
#1043 chickens nil error new defect major
#1094 estimate loading & catching up time new task major
#1115 make player list respond to view resize new task major
#1121 make main menu responsive to view resize new task major
#714 build icons don't take acount of unit scale new defect minor
#875 BAR website new enhancement minor
#910 modularize chicken spawner new Bluestone task minor
#1026 combine unit_transportfix, unit_crashing_aircraft and unit_combomb_full_damage into single unit_aircraft_died gadget new task minor
#1123 offer option to show shader warnings in debug console new task minor
#1124 add option to hide autocomplete suggestions for ui commands from chonsole new task minor
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